Friday, December 30, 2011

Apes galore and all my British goodies Gilbralter

An early morning start to Gibraltar I paid the extra 2 euro for tour that was rated express and not as many stops but we still made 8 pickups. We arrived there early but then we had to wait to cross the airport rode not sure we waited a good 20 minutes the line was long and motorcycles *never saw so many were weaving in and out. I wondered if planes were landing because the guide was saying it was because we have to cross the airport road. So many people walked in Gibraltar and a lot of motorcycles. I checked it out and the average wait for a plane coming or going is 10 mins.

St Michael Cave
with the Cadbury flake

We first had the shopping stop I only went in a few stores had no interest in duty free found just what a I wanted a place with Cadbury bars so got me 3 good sized ones resisted the temp to buy the huge one (and I mean huge) as I wondered how I would carry it home. I also had a English whippy ice cream I love with the Cadbury flake 99.

Then it was off to see the St Michael's caves which to me were nothing to write home about (partly cos all I wanted to do was look for apes) on the way up saw one ape and he was sitting got a ledge as we passed I got couple shots through the window there was another ape who stuck his head through the window to the driver and the driver was saying hello my friend. Ah this was just preview I was worried that was it, was afraid we would not see anymore not to worry.

We stopped on the way down and there they were not sure how many maybe a dozen apes I went wild snapping away. I got so excited as there were some babies and I did get video of them fighting. One baby ape climbed on a car and started putting the antenna in its mouth bending it I got that on video, another one decided to jump on me it was so soft and felt so light, reminded me of one of my cats. I would have killed for a photo and did hand my camera to someone but it jumped off tho had a photo of it by me- oh well I had the thrill even if no photo. I was in ape heaven, some of the drivers were feeding them and it was so fun to watch just did not know where to look my head was spinning.

Did you hear the one about
So when is this bus leaving

Looking at the world

We also made a stop at Europa Point and from there you could see Africa and the other way was Spain it was kewal to know it was Africa but really nothing to brag about. The section is noted for bring 3 areas together Spain, Africa and Europe. I also took photos of British double deckers and the red phone booths, of course. So I got my English kick with this.
A very good day slept most of the way back to Torry it was up to 68 again today tomorrow and Sunday should be 74 which should be a good day for the Zoo. Dinner at the hotel of course.
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