Friday, December 30, 2011


Tonight there was lamb shank, and veggie pizza had a small piece as the veggies looked inviting. Also pork chop which was good tho if I saw the lamb first would not have had a chop don't worry still had the lamb. Shrimp was available most nights tho I must admit not used to seeing them with their little heads still on. It took some getting used to then again I do not think I ever did.

There are always lovely looking salads so beautifully presented and always pasta and usually some kind of fish plenty of veggies for the vegetarian and always a stir-fry yummy I made that my vegetable almost every night, loads of bread but I avoid and then always some soups. I did try the Minestrone soup but it was not spicy. The dessert varies usually choices of little cakes several kinds and also 4 different custards and sometimes a chocolate pudding covered in walnuts and little containers of ice cream and yogurt.

Dinner always a choice of white or red wine and various soft drinks, juices and water but you could not have coffee or tea at dinner time.

I have tried so many different things and only found one night that there was too many foods I did not care for so stuck to pasta with creamy sauces. Of course plenty of french fries but nope not touching any.

Breakfast not as exciting usually some kind of donuts and loads of different breads. Plus choice of juices they did crepes most mornings and I did notice some vegetable each morning. They had the English breakfast, the one morning I saw a man's plate piled 4 inches high. Heart attack on a plate.

They also did the cold slices of meats. Containers of yogurt were available. Coffee, chocolate various teas. The toaster oven was this rolling thing where you put it one end and it traveled through some times people walked away and ran back to grab it.