Thursday, December 29, 2011

Going up up up Benalmáden

After breakfast and doing some things around the room I decided to try the pool this morning but didn't last long, my foot that I had hurt before I left was bad when I tried to get out of the pool and pulling myself up the ladder. I was sooooo tired that I took a nap after sad isn't it then after it is my vacation and I can do what I want. I decided to head to Benalmáden and I saw the cable car and said heck let’s do it, I get nervous on things like that. It was quite the ride up took 15 min and I was taking photos like crazy and enjoying the view. I had the car to myself yea.
I just missed the bird of prey show but did see the eagle and took some photos the guy holding it was pretty cute they had 2 little snow owls so took some shots of them. I then started the climb up it was rocks but you had a railing but you were climbing rocks too and I would stop when people came down to let them pass. I finally made it to the top and what a view. I sat for awhile to take it all in and took some shots and I got someone to take photos of me.

After a bit headed to a spot that was beautiful no one was there but me for awhile so I took in the sea and the view and I could see the rock of Gibraltar in the distance not clear because of haze but enough. I was really enjoying the feel of the warm sun on my face it felt so good. I was setting my timer and doing shots of me but after someone came up there I had my photo taken there too. I headed down after awhile and finally to the end. I walked around could see a big dog and took some pics and he walked over to me he was on a chain so I was kind of daring him because he could not get to me. I could see an eagle tied to something so got some shots not sure how they will turn out also saw a St Bernard dog and snap snap and then decided I wanted to head down I did not want to hang another 40 min to see bird of prey show it’s not like I never saw one.
The town was boring nothing there I was too far away from Costa Benalmáden walked towards the sea but after awhile realized it was far. I found a call box so made a call home and good to catch up with my sister for a few moments. I am waiting to go to dinner now and then a good night rest and some more reading in bed tomorrow it is off to Gibraltar and the Apes.

Even on top of the mountain they had a Nativity Scene