Sunday, December 25, 2011

Spain I am BACK

Christmas Torry

The flights were long and the Paris airport is horrid it is very hard to get around you have to read all the flights to find yours they did not have the flights in city order and you were looking at about 100 flights. Then you had to find your terminal no Customs/Immigration to be found and that was because you had to go outside to the other terminal and do customs to get in there to say it was insane would be an understatement and I felt the airport is very un-secure, after customs then you later went to your gate and there was security.

airport decorations

Then we had a 2.5 hour delay in Paris I was so totally exhausted I laid on a bench and just passed out for an hour heard later it was foggy in Malaga and planes could not take off.

When I arrived in Malaga my luggage was not there I kept waiting and waiting and finally someone came and told us. They had it a special place for customs they did not tell us I was already stamped as arriving in Paris so I was not stamped in for Malaga we just walked through Green nothing to declare. It was all so very confusing and a change from last year, we did not even get a landing card which really meant nothing as I still have mine from last year no one ever collected it.

I got to my hotel 2.5 hours late changed and ran down for dinner. I had an early night just rested and took a hot bath and read was in bed by 10 pm