Sunday, May 15, 2011

Killarney National Park

After breki I checked out the woman let me leave my luggage and said I could keep my key to get back in later when I headed to the bus to go back to Limerick. I walked around town checked the Internet and then headed for Killarney National Park I had walked in the beginning the day before when it was blue skies and sunshine but today was anything but. I decided to walk to Ross Castle which was quite a hike I just missed the boat trip which was disappointing as I was told the boats did not start till 2 pm and there was one at noon it was too cold and gloomy to hang around there till the next one at 2.30

Lovely place for a cuppa
Walked some more of the park headed to a spot that said  8km to the Lake Shore walk but after awhile realized they meant the walk to the Lake Shore walk started there I did not have time for that so continued some more around the park and saw some deer, quite a few.I then stopped at the cutest little cottage for tea. Then I headed out for dinner and I was very bad and decided to have fish and chips again from the first place nothing much open on Sunday and no meals that appealed to me as much. After got my suitcase and headed for the bus and Limerick, I vaguely remembered my hotel from 3 years ago but forgot the directions some man was walking to get McDonalds for take out for himself and his wife I asked if I was on the correct route to Denmark street and he walked along showing me a shorter route and then waited till I crossed to my hotel  was too tired to do anything but go on line and pack. I had an early bus to catch.

I didn't sleep to well yelling in the street at 4 am and an alarm going off woke me I had to leave for the bus before breki started but saw they had coffee and scones set up so had some and checked email one last time and found my flight was delayed So ordered eggs and mushrooms for breki but it took forever and my tummy started flipping so only ate some and headed for the bus

All in all a good visit to Ireland with my Kerry trip the highlight of it