Friday, May 13, 2011

Ring of Fire * I mean Kerry

Waterville Co Kerry
I decided to book the Ring of Kerry tour the woman at my B and B called it in and they picked me up at the B and B along with 3 other girls.  I was happy as it was a small bus but that didn't last long as they drove us to the Tour place and we got on a big bus I was sitting on the passenger side of the bus big mistake as all the scenery was on the other side the bus was almost totally full but I lucked out staying alone.

It rained just a bit as we headed off but the driver said not to worry, only a shower; we drove along into pretty little towns and then we made a stop at The Kerry Bog village it was 5 euro to go in but well worth it. There were 6 little houses to explore. There was also a mama cat with her kittens, I got some great shots some girls who were staying at my B and B were holding them. There were also some ponies

The next stop was for Kells Sheep Centre despite watching Chris at Gerry's train his dogs decided to visit and actual place as can never get enough of sheep. The man had 17 different kinds of sheep saw some I had never seen, he then gave demonstrations and commands to have the 2 dogs round up the sheep. He also demonstrated how keen dogs hearing is by having the dogs go up to the top of the hill with the sheep and then gave the command to bring them down he said it very low we could just hear it ourselves and sure enough the dogs brought the sheep down.

Here' looking at ewe

They made a lunch stop in Waterville but Id rather be outside looking at the scenery it had gotten quite cold and looked like rain I went off in search of ice cream I finally found my fave whippy cone  I told the woman it is cold but I want ice cream and she said it is never too cold for ice cream. I walked along the water for awhile and finally back to the bus.

We continued along the scenery was breathtaking I kept wishing I was on the other side of the bus to see it better esp because some people on that side were sleeping or reading. Before our next stop the driver told us there was usually a man who had dogs or sheep and you could get your picture taken but be sure to put something in his  box. Well got off took some photos and the scenery was incredible but that was suddenly blocked by the man who had 2 little sheep and the driver asked when the one was born and he said 3 days ago. People were getting photos and as usual the 3 girls were monopolize but I did manage to get the driver to take a quick snap of me with the baby it was so soft and cuddly did not seem real. 
Me and the baby lamb

Off to the next stop where we were busy taking photos of the beautiful colored water when suddenly I saw everyone excited over something and it was a shark out in the water I was trying to get a decent shot but nothing to write home about the driver finally said we have to move on. We got on the bus when suddenly the shark came closer to shore and the driver said ok get off cant miss this he grabbed his camera. I snapped one through the window. 

Lady's View
Next stop was Sneen where we just had few minutes potty break and quick snaps of the village and river and then off to Molls Gap and then on to the famous Ladies View. Queen Victoria made a visit to Kerry in 1861 when her ladies in waiting were setting up a picnic but got distracted by the beautiful view. It was really cold now and dark and cloudy.