Sunday, May 8, 2011

Driving on the wrong side

Gerry took me to Knock airport to pick up the car after another big fry I told him last one of the visit or I would be dead on the floor.  We got the car and then he drove back to Gortbaun ahead of me me struggling to keep up he stopped and waited. Its hard doing the other side as so different. Gerry later looked at the car and the "gear" setting was off that is why I could not drive fast enough

I headed off to Aughagower "Field of the Springs" which is a tiny little village that I love the views there are awesome however it started to rain so I had to leave,


Along St Patrick's Way


The Village my mother was born

Afterwards I drove around to Westport I love the town and walked around and also checked my mail at an internet spot and  did some exploring and ended up at Killawalla Cemetery to say hello to my grand mother and my Uncle Mike Joe.