Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dingle Dangle and my own Pub Crawl

After a good brekie of scrambled eggs and rashers and brown bread I headed into town I was trying to make up my mind on the tour to Dingle and Slea head it was dark and gloomy and rain was predicted but then I decided what the heck take my chances. I booked my ticket and was first at the door as I wanted a prime seat front row and after checking with the man inside he assured me Passenger side this trip would be the best for this tour

Got my front seat and this was more a smaller bus and not a lot of people recognized the people from the day before Ring of Kerry tour and the woman was all excited it was someone she knew not that we really had talked the day before but made up for it this day there were from Aussie. Not a lot on this tour and some people were dropped off for the Gap of Dunloe I would have done it if I had another day.

It was starting to clearing up and I looked over the other direction of Ring of Kerry and it was very dark and gloomy and looked like it was raining. We made stops along the way and then a quick potty stop in Dingle and we would come back later. We passed some Bee Hive Huts, from the middle ages.  We made a quick photo stop one man paid the 2 euro to go in one on someone's property. I wish I had but dint think we had the time.  We stopped at the Blasket Island Centre I took some photos outside as close as I could get to the water then it started to rain so I went in and had some tea and a scone  they only gave me a cup of tea which was nothing.It stopped raining when we came out.

We continued along making stops here and there and then back to Dingle for a longer break I saw some man performing and he had a nice voice so I spent 5 euro for his cd which turns out to be very good. I walked around town and then bought a  Irish linen scarf for a friend at work birthday. I really liked Dingle and would love a chance to return there and spend a night or two and explore more.

The South Pole Inn, Annascaul, Dingle Peninsula, was opened by Kerryman Tom Crean in 1920. Tom Crean was an Antarctic explorer

After having fish and chips yes again but a different place and not as good went back to my room to rest up a bit and then changed to go on my own Pub Crawl. I decided to check out a bunch of pubs with music. I would walk in find a spot and stand and watch a bit and if I did not like it move on. I found one really good band playing but only heard the last 2 songs they stopped right after I got me a small glass of Guinness   I left after drinking a little more than half as it was way to strong for me and I did not want to land on my head. Finally found a place McSorley's that I had been in earlier they had 2 musicians one guitar and one accordion so I found a place to sit and enjoy. There were a bunch of young girls celebrating a birthday and they would go up and make requests. There was another girl who was dressed with a veil and a big  L on the back and a sash she was quite the dancer I wound up filming some of the music when he started with Galway Girl