Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 week old Connemara Pony

Wednesday I drove over to Ballintober Abbey and walked around I always enjoy a visit there brings back memories of earlier trips to Ireland, with my mother and sister and we would climb the ruins. I drove around and went back to Gortbaun Peadar had called and said he would be arriving around 4.

We decided to go next door and see the 3 week old Connemara  Pony I was excited at this prospect so we walked over. She was a real beauty and so was her mother Rosie. I took a few million photos and even posed with her. We also watched as Rosie and the baby trotted around the field. Nothing beats Ireland in the spring time with baby animals.

Gerry said he would take me to Castlebar to visit the Peace Park so we did that and also stopped at the library to check my mail we still had some time before my cousin Peadar would be arriving so we went to see Turlough House it was interesting museum and house.

Peadar arrived and Gerry made some steak and we had wine and I was totally exhausted so I took a 45 min nap when I awoke I walked into the kitchen but on the way looking out the window I was shocked to see that the sheep were walking around the front yard I thought I was dreaming did a double take and then called Gerry he and Peadar went out front to round them up it took a awhile and Gerry finally saw how they escaped so he got them all safely back to the yard.