Sunday, May 8, 2011

Off to Tullycross to see the Thatched Cottages

I told Gerry I wanted to go to Tully Cross and being Sunday he said he would go along. I took my car but let him do the driving.  We first drove back through Westport and took the route, towards Leenane.  A lovely drive and Gerry would stop for me to take my photos. We stopped in Leeanne I love that Village parts of the film "the Field" was filmed there. We looked in a shop and I took photos and we moved on to Tullycross. The views were gorgeous and the rain actually stayed away and we had clear sunny with big fluffy clouds kind of a day.  My fave kind of day.  We went to a pub at TC and then had a drink after that I looked at the thatched cottages and took some snaps and walked around some.

lovely lamb roast

Then we headed for Clifton and walked around for awhile and then looked for a place for early dinner we were trying to find lamb but were told that too early in the season we finally settled for a nice dinner with beef and a glass of wine and Gerry had dessert coffee and apple pie
Then I suggested RoundStone it was getting a tad darker then and we came across some beautiful Connermara ponies and we stopped Gerry got them to come over to us and I snapped away. I am now calling him the Animal Whisperer. Started getting darker and we got to Roundstone and we were only there a few minutes when the rain hit there were really nothing  to see so have no idea why it was listed as a place to visit.
We made some more stops on the way back and saw the Connemara Giant.