Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mucky Mucky Muck and Maureen O'Hara

See the sheep Gortbaun

Last day in Gortbaun after a light breki Gerry and I headed out to the field, I was wearing my sister's Wellingtons that she keeps there. He took me back to the end of his land I wanted to see the little river flowing back there and I do not think I was that far back since 1978 when I was back there with my Uncle Mike Joe the river was barely visible as everything had grown in. We walked further and Gerry was telling me to be careful crossing this one spot which was very muddy well I put my down and landed in a sink hole and my foot sank to the top of the boot. I thought it was going to keep sinking scary. I tried to move it but since the boot was too big for me by 2 sizes my foot came out so I was standing on one foot balancing my cameras in hand. I was trying to hold my foot from going totally in the ground. Gerry grabbed hold and we were trying to rescue my boot, I was hoping around in circles and I finally put my foot down in the muck. It was already muddy so why not we must have been a comical site. I took off my sock and Gerry washed it in a stream.

We headed back to the house,  Gerry ran off to get me a phone card and came back with a yummy chicken and salad for lunch after that it was time to say goodbye. Peadar drove his car and led me to the main road to Knock so I could drop my car off and catch the bus to Killarney. Long bus ride to Killarney 5 1/2 hours I dozed off some and read and looked at the scenery arriving in Killarney I walked to my b and b. On the way I saw a sign welcoming Maureen O'Hara to a show and saw it was that night. After checking in and because it was blue skies and still light I walked around Killarney took some photos. I then walked back to my B and B.

Maureen O'Hara
By now it was after 10 pm and I stood near the hotel where Maureen was. I decided to walk up to it as people were coming out and I thought well maybe she would be coming out.  I walked in as others were coming back from a smoke break and I saw her sitting by the stage. People were snapping photos so I decided to take some too. I then walked to the side at that point they were shutting the doors and the show that had been on was about to begin again. I stood to the side and said well since  I am here might as well stay. It was a good show Liam O'Connor was quite the musician and there were also some Irish Step dancers.