Sunday, September 23, 2012

Don't bring the sony she says

A very bumpy flight over flew up in my seat more than once glad for the seat belt, the pilot pointed out Liverpool home of the Beatles when I flew over it I gave a thumbs up.   We landed early which was bad as I had that much longer to kill. For the life of me couldn't remember the Manchester airport and I was only there 2 years ago but as I saw the connection between airport and train station it came back to me. I had nearly 3 hours to kill I had booked a later train as was worried I would miss an early one and if I did would have had to pay a lot. I found some chair and pulled up a couple and put my legs out and relax set my alarm in case I dozed off I may have for a couple minutes.

I arrived to cold and raining I had to wait a bit in Euston Station as the rain was heavy. I headed to my B and B which was about 15 minute walk from Victoria lucky the rain at that point was light my room when I checked in well what a shock I walk in and I am like where is the bed I kept looking and thinking do I have to crawl over this stuff to get to the room as I saw a door but then realized that was the bathroom. Then I realize the bed turned on its side and the mattress on the floor and all sorts of things on the floor and I am WTF I was so sore and tired I was thinking do I have to put the bed together, so I walk back to the other building and had to tell them. The guy seemed really shocked, he gave me another room and it is a double it is really nice I have a bathroom of my own but have to cross the hallway to use it but it is nice. It is good size as the single was a cubby hole smaller than I had last time and I thought that was small.

I decided to walk to St James park but did not bring my sony I said well nothing to film in the rain and of course the guards came by on their horses wearing the winter blue I took photos but videos not got my token squirrel photos they are cheeky little buggers, but I love them. I walked around for awhile the rain was light thank goodness.

Tomorrow is the palace tour hope it clears up some, but I am not holding my breath as the weather reports are horrid sounding one month worth of rain in 24 hours.

I stopped at Marks and Sparks and got myself a prawn sandwich yummy had that with a cuppa tea for dinner in my room.  
Queen Victoria Memorial

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