Friday, September 28, 2012

Hungarian goulash in Sopron

getting my passport stamped in Sopron

Up early first thing I did was hike to the tourist place near state opera house wanted to book  my tour to Bratislava for the morning it was bright and sunny yea. I got my trip booked but the bad part is I do not get hotel pickup as my hotel was not on the list and I have to be back there at 7.30 am tomorrow but I got the route and should be able to catch the tram and be there if not its about a 40 min walk.

I then hopped a tram to Wien Meidling  train station to book a ticket to Sopron Hungry just walked up and managed to get a ticket just like that no thinking should I just do it. I love being spontaneous and not planning.  I did not have to wait long and I was on the train I was all happy because I was finally getting to a new country.  Trains are so quick here the US is so backwards on high speed train and I was there in an hour 10 mins. I was positively beaming when I walked into the station and out in the streets and sunshine yee haw.

cant beat the inside of churches in Europe

I walked to the main church and it was beautiful inside, I sat in a pew and admired and then took some photos. I then headed out to explore. I looked in windows, found the old town walls and just plain enjoyed.  I was getting hungry (in Hungry) so I looked for a place to eat I wanted a nice treat local food. I found this place that the menu sounded so familiar I wondered if it was a spot I found on line (looked it up and yes it was) and forgot to copy.  They had the menu in English and 3 other languages and I spotted what  I wanted leg of goose, and cabbage and onion potatoes perfect.  I went in and ordered it was a cute place and I was outside under a huge umbrella canopy. I ordered, I wanted wine but decided against it not wanting to get tipsy believe me I am a cheap date. I had no idea what it cost.  It was a lovely meal to say the least I so enjoyed eating it.

Afterwards it was exploring the town for a few hours finding more churches, I found the little train I read about it was too late to take it though I wish I had ran across it earlier.  I found a shop and went into buy wine to take to my cousin as I read it was a popular Sopron wine.

I rested a bit and then looked around the streets for awhile and then decided I  should head back to the train or go look for the clock that I had read about well went to look for the clock I could not find it and then headed back I then made the mistake of looking at the town walls again and as I walked away ouch I got stung by a bee? wasp?  man oh man it hurt like the blazes and I could not do anything no ice anyplace even walked in a shop in search, I picked up a bag of frozen veggies to try that, in place of ice. Oh man oh man never saw what attacked me.

where the wasp attacked me

I headed back to the train and just missed one I stood in line at the ticket window and the woman told me I had to go to information area I waited there while the woman just ignored me for awhile and the other woman was on the phone she finally decided to ask what I wanted and I told her and she told me 7 mins for the train and she wrote the next train time 6.15 and crossed the other 5.15 out, so I headed out to the track and it was gone I realized  she meant I missed the first one so I headed for  track  7 like she told me and the train listed was not going to Vienna and I went back to ask and she insisted that was the one I wanted 
she was pointing to something on the wall and making her hands go up and down. well not being stupid as she thought I read schedules (in German which I do not know) and finally found a train at 6.13 track 5 for Vienna so I asked a train employee to be sure he I was right he even walked me to the track.

The train was a bit late but finally showed I wonder where the heck I would have wound up if I listened to the lady as it was if she had took me the time arrived I would have been on my way an hour earlier. I was a bit hungry despite my Hungarian lunch so I had a small order of the noodles for dinner but this time I went veggie it was lovely.

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