Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bratislava Slovkia

one disappointing thing was not getting my passport stamped

I did not sleep with worry that I would not wake up in time to catch the tour bus.  I was up at 5.40 and got ready to take the U to the opera house I arrived 40 mins early as I was afraid I'd have a problem not get the U and have to walk.  I had to wait awhile and finally a  van took us to the bus station you go on the local international bus.  Our tour group of 35 and then other people who were going to Bratislava, not part of the tour, I was so beat slept all the way on the bus trip.

We arrived to cloudy skies  not the promised sunshine but getting use to them not knowing the weather and met our guide first off 3 people disappeared and we had to wait for them they were off to a toilet the guide was annoyed so were the rest of us she was taking us to a hotel where we could use clean modern facilities. We looked at the Danube and she told us stuff then the potty stop you should go in and out and most of us did but saw some doing makeup etc. Then we had to wait for about 6 and finally 2 I think they went shopping, this is why I hate tours good to get info but all the waiting and wasted time.

US Embassy

We set off and made stops along the way she gave us quote a history lesson of the town and she was good but too long at times.  We walked all over saw some nice spots and I snapped away it really started to clear up and the sun came out and it warmed up.  Suddenly this band appeared out of nowhere and started playing and everyone was running to the spot  and it was good and after  a few minutes she called us back as we had to continue again bad part of tours. We then walked in an area where they were some stands selling things and I made a quick choice and bought an angel.

We finally made our lunch stop which is called a box lunch which is their name for a set lunch they choose I sat with some Aussies.  We had a very good cheese thing start and it was a big slice rolled over and stuffed with another cheese... yum then the main dish which was 2 balls of rice and then chicken with a sauce and then mushrooms it was good, then a slice of cake with whip cream  it was ok.  The guide she had to call in the amount of people and she asked 4 times any vegetarians and no answer but when we got there were 5 so they had to hurry and make substitute, I have to admit they were quick.

wooden mock-up (scaled down model) of neologue synagogue

ornate buildings

We had an hour 15 to walk around so I checked some shops and explored a bit more I managed to find my way back to the market area and picked up a few more things. I had no one to take a photo of me  so did it myself managed to find a wall to stand near that had Bratislava painted on it and then to the bus back to Vienna where I passed out asleep again.  We were told we would have pickup back to opera house but not true. had to find my way back but it was easy.  I walked around St Stephens again and sat to rest and looked at a map.

A man sitting near me on the bench asked me where I was looking for and then where I was from and we talked for about 30 minutes we discussed everything from Arnold Schwarzenegger he did not like him (neither do I) and said we could keep him to Nazis to Health Care why do you call it Health Care we call it Ill Care and went on to tell me how wonderful it is to have insurance and what is wrong with Americans not wanting it to
President who he said your wonderful president to why would any one vote for the Idiot running against him I said you tell me, he then walked me to street I needed to take to reach my next destination and said don't worry you have a good man as President he will win. 

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