Sunday, September 30, 2012

Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Vienna

Incredible day zoo yesterday  panda bears 3 no less watching them eat was a blast also koala bears meerkats lemures and several different penguins   Yeehaw watch this space for photos. I took a zillion also walked the had  kebap box for dinner.  I changed B and B today my new place was the Pension Mozart and it was a big welcome change from the apt I had. When I arrived to leave my luggage until check in the time the woman offered me a room with a its own bathroom for an add additional cost of 30 euro for the 3 nights and I took her up on it. I headed out to explore the area going over to Austrian Parliament Building.  Blue skies and sunshine and a beautiful place to take photos of and then I walked some more and found another wonderful area.  I then went back to my B and B and checked in my room was lovely had a nice bed with real pillow and also a television and it worked and a shower that was actually in the middle of the room and then headed off. 

The Schoenbrunn zoo was just wonderful founded in 1752 its the oldest zoo in the world.  The fact that there were all my fave animals in one zoo was amazing, I had the feeding time schedule for the Panda's  2 pm and the Koala at 4 I checked them out before that tine of course.
The Pandas were indoors and 2 were sitting together and one was passed out hanging on a tree. I went to see the koala and came back later to the Pandas to ensure a good spot. 

One by one they must have had some signal to get up and come out to eat as they suddenly got up one at a time and went out. I then headed out too, I had a fair spot but I was patient waiting for a good spot they were partly closed in by glass and to get a good view and photos you had to stand on a wall. I got up finally and shot away, the baby and mama were the closest and I was able to see enjoy. The mother would break the bamboo shoots and the baby would reach to take it from her, it was fun. I could watch this forever I would get down at time so to let others up and watch from the sidelines until I had the chance to climb up again. I so love pandas and they do not look real. Then I headed back out to check out the rest of the zoo the penguins were wild there were four different kinds also saw red panda and other animals, flamingos and then finally to the koala to get a good dinner spot.  They stayed in doors but the zoo keeper picked them off their branch and put them closer to the glass viewing area to eat. Most people who had been waiting for awhile to keep a good spot looked a few moments and moved on but not me.  Photos and video and watching to my hearts content. Then off to rest of the zoo and found the lemurs they were fun to watch one kept putting its head in a plastic cup. I saw golden colored monkeys going from tree to tree but they were all heading in, so my time with them was minutes.

baby panda

Just hanging around

Finally left and decided to walk through the Schoenbrunn Palace ground I visited the palace in 1984 the ground were spectacular and reminded me of The Palace of Versailles, I walked the grounds until almost dark the area was large and then I had to figure my way out like everything else in Vienna it was pretty much find your own way. I did ask a few people and found one who could tell me it was quite a hike to the underground, and I was totally exhausted.  I got off a stop early in search of food and of course being Sunday night hardly any place was open, I found a Kebob place and ordered a Donner Box and sat down on a bench and ate it was too hungry to wait till I got back to my room. 
hmm this looks good

Fountain Schönburg Palace
It's all in the Eyes

Yup think I can make it