Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good morning vienna

Inside St Stephens

This will be an adventure found  my way to my apt I saw  the hotel near it from the bus I was let in by a young man he said he was a guest too but helping out. My apt is more of a large room I have a tv not working a small bed, more of a day bed a couch and a cupboard for clothes. The toilet is shared with 3 rooms there is a kitchen with the usual and a computer on the table.

I went out to eat had a donor kebab luckily I love eating that I hardly see any eating places except for McDonald's all over as if that is what I would want to eat.I got some cereal for breki grains and the  what possessed me like ugh and some sort of sweet bread thing looked better than it tasted. I was up early so I showered while I had the chance not sure when again altho if am up early each day might be the best.

St Stephens too big to get in a photo

Church near my Apartment

I will go to the Ring the main tourist area  I see no sign of the woman who runs this place. I hope to find a place to get information for buses etc also need to book a tour or two cloudy now now where all the great promised weather went is beyond me. The Z and Y are mixed up on the  keyboard. This is a mess but I am not used to no mouse and have no idea where the delete button is.

Yes after a breakfast of cereal and a sweet bread I was ready to head out but then the woman who runs the place showed up made me coffee and told me how to get places she was nice but she talked too fast so hard to understand sometimes but she us very sweet. Her husband knew of Buffalo because they visited her uncle in Rochester small world.
Fountain I remember from 1984

I headed to the main ring area taking photos on the way and then I saw a fountain one of many and I knew it was the one I saw on my trip to Vienna in 1984, I recognized still in my memory , yup guess there is one meg left someplace got someone to take a photo of me there. I visited various churches like St Stephen famous church of Vienna it was nice but so dark I looked awhile I also visited other churches one St Peter that I found very beautiful. I also went by the Hapsburg Palace but did not visit today I way got distracted trying to find where the info place was I thought of booking Budapest but could not decide plus the tour goes so early, as in leaves at 7.15 am but the hotel pickups are much earlier.
Outside St Stephens

Inside St Peter

I walked so much more but in the wrong direction and wound up quite away from where I wanted to be as I saw this huge fountain and a odd piece of art  "piece" is the wrong word as it was humongous.

I think realized I was lost so I saw a hotel and went in and got directions to get back to the main train station near my apt. It was my first experience on the   U I managed to figure the line and go the right area and then change for the rest of my trip.  Some man was walking around the train and would kneel and say something I have no idea what, altho almost as if he was praying.

Came back to my room around 4 dropped stuff off and then went to find dinner I had a very nice Asian noddle dish with chicken and garlic sauce (that was fun ordering as I had to try and figure out what meat was chicken and the size) I sat at  a table outside and enjoyed and watched as the world walked by. It was a  very yummy meal then I walked a bit more and treated myself to  Gelata chocolate of course and went in early as I was pretty exhausted.
My apartment
first try at chopsticks