Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Walked my fool head off in London

Well it wasn't raining so I hit the road early they said it would start raining by 10 am. I first walked to the Battersea bridge took some shots and then walked a bit of the Thames path I was walking towards another bridge think its Albert bridge it was pretty. I sat on a bench across from Battersea park and rested awhile and took some photos of the pagoda I was across the Thames from there. I walked some more and then turned and walked back to my hotel it was about 3 miles round trip and I did it just over an hour with stops.

After I dropped some stuff off and changed it was off to the underground decided to see if the roses were still in bloom at Regent park when I was there in May they had not begun to bloom I was happy the skies were still blue and I was happy to see the roses were still there is sat for a while to take it all in and then took photos and walked around the garden and then I explored other spots and then back to the roses. I needed a potty break so stopped at the garden cafe. I then walked around more of the park happy so far the skies were blue I explored parts that I had not seen in years.
Fountain Regent Park

After that I decided to continue through the park towards the London zoo going off the route here and there as I got closer it really clouded up and I was ready for the rain but nothing. I walked past the Zoo and then over the bridge toward regents canal I started to walk along side it but changed my mind as the dark clouds were closing in.

I then realized I was closer to St Johns wood underground than any other so started that way  was as rain drops began. I was so lucky as the very light rain and lasted about 5 mins and then stopped. I walked up the High street was in search of my whippy ice cream but to no avail stopped in a couple second hand shops in search of a book by one of my brit authors but no success. 

I then headed towards the underground when I thought wait lets see where the buses go and found I could take the bus towards Trafalgar square so jumped aboard and ran up top for my front row paradise view. The traffic was heavy so it took awhile and I was happy.  I got off and then went in search of a fish and chips place but could not find it stopped at Covent garden and asked a worker and he pointed out the way to a fish and Chip shop so I headed down and over and found a place not the one I was looking for but it would do. I ordered it to go and then headed back to Covent garden and sat on some steps I saw a pigeon so though I'd throw him an overdone chip big mistake as about 20 came in. I did share more overdone bits  with them but not my cod fish no way. Then I watched a bit of a street show where someone got people to don the hats of the Village People and sing  YMCA song and watched guys make fools of their self.

Regent Street at Piccadilly Circus

 I walked in circles unable to find the internet place from last night but finally found it I walked in and was getting my money to hand the woman and someone jumped in line in front of me.  I waited patiently as he went and took my seat, the woman said do not sit there it does not work and he said yes it does and plopped down and she said I was saving it for the old lady, that would be me.  Oh well I guess it is time to pack it in although how many old ladies can keep up with me. I decided to walk back to my hotel and walked through St James Park just as it was getting dark.  All in all been a good  day esp with no rain I am off to Vienna in the morning.

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