Monday, September 24, 2012

RAIN RAIN PLEASE GO AWAY I am in London at the Palace

I heard the rain all night I caved in and went to bed around 8 actually I was reading and fell asleep I woke up at 9.30 and put the book away and passed out again I woke up to the rain sometimes and I knew it was heavy and bad. I was awake at 4 and laid there and finally fell back to sleep till 7. My room is so nice I know when I stayed there in may they were remodeling. I had a wonderful bed and the room is really nice the down side is no chair in the room so I sit on the bed to have tea.  Breki was ok had my cereal cocktail that is a mixture of cereal picked that up from my cousin,  and peaches and a roll it was good however on my 2nd cup of tea they were out of milk someone took the pitcher to the girl but it never came back so my tea was milk less for me that's ugh.

It was raining lightly when I headed for my palace tour got there around 9.10 the line was really long but I was able to go at the 9.30 time met a London girl who was there to see the jewels so we chatted a bit. She said if you see me drooling at the diamonds please stop me.  The palace staterooms were wonderful we visited 19 in all and some were totally awesome think my fave was the white room  and also the music room you had an audio guide. The diamonds were unreal the crowns and brooches and ring and swords, come to mind. If only I could take photos inside it would have been perfect. 

Back of Buckingham Palace

Not the normal view one gets of Buckingham Palace

Afterwards I splurged for hot chocolate not only because it was cold out but because of the crown in the middle of the chocolate not sure how they did it but they did I had seen it in someones cappuccino was going to get that but found out the hot chocolate had it took.  Of course I took photos of it and of it and Cricket he also posed and I had someone take a photo  of me and my cocoa la dee dah.

Menu at Palace Cafe a bit steep but hey its the Palace

Cricket has some "Royal cocoa"

I was there for quite a while the rain was too heavy to go it finally let up enough for me to leave the wind turned my umbrella inside out not sure if it working. They have garden tours at the Palace too but in the rain who would want that however if people had paid I guess they would take the tour. I walked around snapped some photos I felt bad for one girl standing in the uniform a dress and a huge umbrella she was obvious freezing as it was cold too. I was walked back to the front of the place and then decided to go back to my room to change wet socks and pants and have some coffee before I went back out.

The rain had stopped so I hopped the tube to the borough stop so I could see where the play I am going to my last night it. I explored that area before I went to have my lamb and figured out how to get to the play after my dinner  that last night at the lamb place when I came out the sun was out yea so I walked all over the place got some great shots of big ben across the water as the sun was hitting the house of Parliament and it looked so kewal. Then I walked along and crossed the bridge and got some shots of the London eye

London Eye

I hope tomorrow is not a total washout rain is coming back. I took the night bus last night I actually walked the opposite direction so I could sit on the bus longer I front row nothing but the best for me! 
my fave Kebab place in London

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