Saturday, October 30, 2010

On my way home do bump da ba

Blue sky and sunshine greeted me when I stepped outside and a few minutes of thinking should I take a bus to Ronda, its a 2.5 hour local bus ride but in end decided not to over due my last day so I headed back to Malaga.  I made my stop at the hotel there and used the computer again they were decorated for Halloween and the employees had costumes on, looks like a fun place to stay. Maybe I will next time. 

view from Gilbralfaro
Man they really rough it at this hotel

I was disappointed in the Gibralfaro it was not worth the climb, although there were good views the buildings were just ruins and I read about the gardens but did not see any, maybe was just too tired to appreciate it;  the only good thing was a cute Spanish guy playing guitar, I dropped in some change and asked if I could take a photo after I did I got a wink.. Oh mamama
I saw a bus to the center of town and was trying to figure out it was the right bus but it left before I realized it. I walked a lot so my knee seems ok just going down stairs man and did I ever! As when it wasn't stairs it was a incline and hard to walk I held on the wall at one point as my knees were yelling (the brush burn from the day before did not help) some girl stopped to see if I was ok. I said yes (just screaming inside)

View of Malaga from "above"

I looked at the Cathedral again but decided not to bother going in, think I was Cathedraled (is there such a word if not I just invented it) out. I tried to find a place to eat in Malaga but did not see what I wanted which was fish, the only place I saw with fish was packed . I did try and get a spot but finally gave up. I then tried to find my way out of the center to no avail everything seems just to be alleys that had a bend, hard to explain. I started saying lost in the center of Malaga forever. I knew where I wanted to be but just could not find a straight route out. I finally headed for what I felt was the direction of the local train and after a lot of turns I found an area I knew near the station. Unlike the previous Sunday I paid attention to the main street near the station and then recognized a building near it. I got back to Torrey and I headed for a place that I knew had cod fish and chips but they were closed so walked down "the steps" towards the beach and found a really nice place to eat and the fish was very very good had sangria with it, good send off.

All in all a wonderful trip but I am ready to head home tomorrow, and I will be posting pictures hopefully soon. I am pretty exhausted at this point (okay again I walked way too much) . Going sit on my balcony and drink some white wine. I am so going to miss my balcony and looking at the Sea and Torrey. Being on my own was wonderful and hey I impressed  a lot of people when I would say oh I am on my own they all thought I was so brave. I also feel not knowing Spanish I did pretty good.  Today I got across to a guard at the local train that I wanted to know if the train was running in the morning same schedule and he did understand what I meant esp with my hand gestures.