Monday, October 25, 2010

Catamaran Mama

I decided to walk along the Mediterranean Sea I walked from Torremolinos beach to the next village Benalmádena Costa it was a long walk but i enjoyed it despite the heat it got to 90 during the walk but there was a breeze, I could look at the color of the sea forever it was amazing that day. A Catamaran was getting ready to leave so it was 10 euro so I hopped on board it was different just sitting on the front of the boat.  They has said we might see dolphins which would have been a bonus it was a nice trip minus the dolphins. I met a family from York and Scotland they sat with me we chatted and they took a pic of me so that was nice. One nice thing about solo travel because you meet people they always seem impressed I am on my own.

I also climbed up steps to get a better view of the sea I came across people who "carved" things out of the sand some very interesting things they usually had a little bucket out for a donation. So I always dropped some change in before I took a photo I do not mind giving money to someone who provides entertainment of some sort and also do not have a hand out demanding
I looked in shops and found a really nice top to wear over a bathing suit and it was marked down to 2 euro so I quickly snatched it up. I saw plenty of interesting little cafes and beach restaurants on the walk down but was not hungry. I started to get  hungry as it was around 4 and I had not eaten since breki,I started walking back to Torrey and could not find a place to eat either closed, Siesta time or not what I wanted finally settled  I finally settled for a steak and a huge baked potato and hot bread and a sangria for only for a 5.99 euro it was yummy.  I sat and enjoyed my meal and watched the "regulars" come in to order.

Afterwards I started the walk back it had been very warm but at one point there is a break in the route where you go around some rocks and it was a lot cooler on the other side and the rest of the walk back