Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Alhambra in Granada

An early morning trip I had a quick breki as I was afraid the bus would be early it was a tiring morn as I was up before 6 so I kept dozing the till the alarm went off. The Alhambra (Moorish poets described it as "a pearl set in emeralds," in allusion to the color of its buildings and the woods around them) the first part the gardens was a disappointment and only saw one small area, but probably because we were rushed although in springtime they would probably be better. We were split into groups so we had an English speaking guide and then they waited for 2 more people when you wait it takes away from your time. It was also to early in the morning we were there after 10 so the sun was up but lots of shadows and it was cold yes Pat said cold but we were in the mountains and I had short sleeves on. I met a couple from county Louth,Ireland they had a little baby.

The Palace was the best part it had many colorful tiles and the Moorish work was spectacular also the sun was higher so photos were better the bad part was being so rushed. We really only saw a small part of the Alhambra, that is the bad thing about tours. We saw the court of the Lions the lions were inside another area as they as they had been restored and you were not allowed to take pictures too bad they looked beautiful.

After the tour some people went to the paid lunch and I looked in shops bought yet another tee shirt but it was nice and I wanted to have one from Spain. The woman showing me the shirt would say X X Large the way she pronounced the X's was so cute and then she would show me a large and say Large and Tall not XX. The one I really wanted was only available in medium she thought it would fit by I knew better I finally settled on a different shirt in Large she said yes NOT X X. Half the reason I bought the shirt was I did not want to disappoint her with no sale. I also went back to the garden area and saw some parts we had not seen. I and went in the church barely made it as was closed when I was leaving I love how beautiful the statues faces are in Spain just like Costa Rica.
I went back to the bus and people were 20 minutes late of course they were older Spanish woman and after that horrid shop keeper no longer care for them well that lateness took from our time in the city so we had only an hour instead of 90 minutes I walked quickly to the Cathedral with a couple from Houston and from SC it was closed because of the siesta that was sad as I really wanted to see the grave of Infanta Isabella and her husband Ferdinand II of Aragon (they brought stability to both kingdoms that became the basis for the unification of Spain) I did get a postcard from the shop of the grave but not the same thing. The Cathedral was quite large so there was no place to stand to capture it properly. This seemed totally out of place near the Cathedral.

I am so glad I brought a baguette sandwich along the Irish couple stopped some place and it was 26 euros for a burger fries and drink for one person so he just ate they had not purchased the lunch part of the tour, neither did I as it was 20 euro she was Japanese and she was mocked by some Brits because she said she was from Ireland they were so rude to her. Good day and happy I finally saw Granada check off the list.