Sunday, October 24, 2010

El footo hurto walko lotso Malaga Spain

I love the street signs

After brekie I got the train to Malaga it was an interesting city I needed a toilet at one point so saw a hotel and decided to walk in and find the toilet it was in the lobby where people were checking in and or out so used it and saw a computer and waited a few minutes till someone got off and quickly checked email and Facebook bad girl.

I found a church that was very beautiful I went inside and looked around I love their statues they are beautiful.

I came across some religious procession of some sort the women were dressed in their Sunday best and wearing long mantillas I took pictures of course and then there wa
a little group of men dressed in Spanish customs playing instruments and a cute little boy playing the drum,  I kept trying to get movies but people kept jumping in my way I was trying to be out of  other people way. At the end was this big cart with all sorts of silver decorations  led by a bull not sure now never got a good look I kept following the parade and trying to get better photos or video. 

Then I walked through a Parque de Malaga (park)  and ran into a group of flamenco dancers I got a very short video before they stopped. I walked some more it was a pretty park Cricket spied a fountain and I had to keep him from jumping in and swimming and then headed off to find the The Alcazaba Moorish Fortress. I was not very successful and the directions were not clear. I finally asked a couple if they spoke English and he said we better we are American and they were from Omaha so they figured it out and decided to go along it was  interesting and high up. I walked and took photos with them for awhile and the guy wanted one of me as their friend from Buffalo then I took one of him and his wife. They also took one of me with my camera they decided to head off and said goodbye they I were going to climb up to the other part of the fortress I was going to too but continued to look around as we had only seen about one third and they missed the best part I got someone to take a photo of me in a different spot.  

I then spotted a place with ice cream and it was very good as it became really hot out at that point decided it was just to high to climb to the other place the Gibralfaro as I decided it was not worth being exhausted good call. I went through some gardens and looked for Picasso museum again very hard to find finally a shop keeper pointed me on my way I found it only to find it is closed for a week so missed out. I spotted a place with lamb kebab and I had to have it sat outside to enjoy the view and the went and took pictures at the Cathedral which is closed on Sunday very strange. I then decided to start back but just could not find the train station and I was near the hotel I had been in the am but no station nothing marked I asked a man at a news stand he pointed down the street 3 minutes walk well guess what did not see it so I kept walking and saw people with suitcases finally found some to direct me but I could not believe this was the same station I had been at well guess what it was not it was different station one stop closer to Torry it was the main station. My poor feet were about to explode and I was so mad I did not have my nuprin. I just found a shop where I bought some really cute sparkly tops for work can't wait to wear them.

Cricket at the fountain

Sitting on my balcony drinking some sherry eating some peanuts this is the life this is the view.