Saturday, October 23, 2010

El bitcho shop keeper

I took a nap for an hour and then headed out was looking at a scarf for a few minutes and decided to buy it I reached to get my money and the shopkeeper said it is only 2 euro buy it is cheap it is only 2 euros shaking her hand at me and I reached for my money and said I am getting my money and she started screaming at me grabbed it out of my hand and kept shooing me away and kept yelling keep you hands off shoo shoo get out get out loco. I went and got a nice scarf someplace else and then went back and showed her I spend money elsewhere she was loco don't know what was wrong with her. I barely touched the scarf so don't know what was wrong.

I found the travel place that I that was recommended so booked 3 tours Granada on Tuesday last seat available Cordoba on Thursday and Seville on Friday I am so excited I could not stop beaming and the best I was on this high when I ran into the loco shop keeper.

I then headed to "the Steps" which turned out to have shops and restaurants on the way down to the Sea. Very picturesque I walked along the Mediterranean sea for quite awhile got my feet and bottom of my carpi's wet people were swimming despite the cold water and very little sun if it is nice Monday I may go in just to do it. I had fish and chips for lunch cos I could not resist am exhausted and heading in my room has a really nice little veranda and I can sit out there the view of the Sierra De Mijas mountains is fabulous and the other side is Mediterranean sea who could ask for more.

First time stepping Med Sea

view from my room