Friday, October 29, 2010

Sevilla fabulouso despite my fall

Christopher Columbus Grave

This was a different tour company much classier, the seat belts on the bus actually worked, the other tour company didn't. However almost as soon as I got off the bus in Seville I fell on my left knee and also hurt my elbow, it bled some several people came to help me up ( so embarrassing) there was sort of a hole (?) in the street it was my fault as someone was snapping photos of something I could  not see and I was nosy and did not pay attention, and down I went. My knee was very painful for awhile. I hobbled along I was not going to let that stop me.

We did a little walking tour and saw some really nice areas and then we headed to the CathedralCatedral de Santa MarĂ­a de la Sede , (it is the 3rd largest in the world only behind Vatican and St Paul´s ) it was very impressive and up there with the best, and I have seen quite a few. We saw Christopher Columbus grave but there is question if it is actually him. Some believe is he is buried in Santo Domingo, guess his bones have been moved several times (then again so have mine :)  Afterward we had 2 1/2 hours free time one of the girls who helped me when I fell asked if I wanted to go around with them and I said yes. We stopped for a bite to eat I had a chocolate crepe but the girl overcooked it so it was not very good and some tea. The girls were from Glasgow they had planned the trip in April but the Volcanic ash stopped them from going.

some of the beautiful Tapestry

We then we went to the Seville's Alcazar another Moorish place again this was wonderful I am sure I would have missed it if it wasn't for my new found friends Cathy Catherine and Janice. I had read about it but forgot to bring my notes pertaining to it. We split up and I made the most of my hour I covered most of it and took another few millions photographs and the gardens had Lime trees Seville is also full of Orange trees. All in all wonderful place.

colorful tiles alcazar

Then we met the bus and had yet another stop this was to the Spanish exhibition building from 29 it was spectacular we only had a bout 30 minutes I could have spent much more time as I really loved it there it was all like looking at a beautiful photograph in 3-D. The colors were amazing.  I was mesmerized I had trouble finding my wait out and had to run for the bus. Ok, hobble for the bus.

Back to Torrey for one last day I may go back to Malaga tomorrow as much as I would love
another tour I really would love to see Ronda but it is 2 1/2 hour bus trip I think I will pass, save it for another time, a reason to go back. Leave always wanting more.

I have been so lucky weather wise on this trip which I can not believe is coming to an end but I have covered so much I will be anxious to see my photos I think Seville is my fave place and that is saying a lot as I saw so many wonderful things.

Just beautiful
Spanish Exhibition

Seville Cathedral