Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mijas My Ass

Grande the white donkey notice the 3rd one in looking at me he is the one who "liked me"

I headed out to the bus station and saw a woman feeding a bunch of cats I smiled and said how many and she out he hands up to indicate 10, and said diez. Nice to know in Spain they feed strays too, since I also am taking care of 10 feral cats.  I took the local bus  to Mijas because I had read about the donkey Taxi's and also free Flamenco performance on Wednesday the ride up into the mountains was something else some of those turns were quite wild and you could see how steep looking down. At one point the driver tooted his horn so a car would know he was coming around the bend and half the bus screamed when we finally "landed"everyone applauded yes it was a heck of a ride. The fare was unbelievable about $ 2, for an hour ride.

I first  headed to the donkey taxi I bonded with one right away and he wanted to be petted and loved he was so sweet I wanted to ride him but I had to go on another one not sure why (he looked sturdy). The ride was good even though it was short ride but worth the 10 euro for trip and the donkey was very good. His name was "Grande" and as we walked along the street the man leading us would speak to him in Spanish and he acted like he understood. What amazed me he suddenly stopped and turned and started walking the other direction without the man touching his reign he knew the route.

After the donkey ride I grabbed my spot to see the Flamenco dancers, it was hard to tell just where to sit but everyone was keeping the area in front of the gazebo open so I sat on the side. They came out and went into the gazebo to dance and it was wonderful they were all good but the one man really stood out and I was memorized by him his dancing was amazing I filmed almost one whole song. At the end they came out of the gazebo and danced a bit in front of it this was great as it was much closer and you had nothing blocking you. I snapped away.

dance Monkey dance

The Shrine of the Virgin of the rock 


After that walked around the town saw the church that was built into in a rock it was small inside but beautiful. I walked up uphill looking at shops as I went,  saw a Bullfighting ring.  I came across the Shrine of Our Lady of Los Remedios, a very tiny shrine full of beautiful statues. There were plenty of little cafes and I glanced at some menus but nothing appealed to me could be that I was still full from the omelet I had at breakfast and 2 yummy rolls. I decided to have just an ice cream and of course it was a yummy chocolate cone. I decided to take an early bus back to Torry as I felt very tires. The first bus was full and I had no intention of standing on such a wild ride so I waited for the next bus and went over to talk to the donkeys again. I dozed off on the bus ride back down the mountain. When I arrived back I wound up having a kabob, I would have loved trying a Spanish dish but so far I have seen nothing that appeals to me. The fish ones tend to be ones  I would not touch swordfish, squid and I do not even want to know. 

I decided to try the swimming pool and I asked a young boy who was coming back from the pool and he said that it was cold outside and that I should go to the one upstairs as that one was indoors.  Then he asked me where it was and he lead me up the stairs to it and I said thank you and  I will go get my bathing suit. He then asked if I needed him to show me where the restaurant was and  then asked if I could get to my room okay. He was such a polite child. I had a good swim despite being tired and then I hit the sauna. As I headed back with my new little cover up on I met a man who winked at me so that made my day. 

My goodness in here is on a phone booth where you can call overseas  is screaming in Spanish at someone and the woman in the booth next is screaming too I wonder if they are talking to the same person. Mijas is such a pretty town and I am so glad that I checked it out tomorrow is a tour to Cordoba and I am very much looking forward to that.

the Plaza de Toros

Me and Grande or is it Grande and I