Thursday, October 28, 2010

Codoba Mezquita and Tapas

the cathedral
After a yummy breki I am very impressed at the choices they have all kinds of sausages if I didn't fail Knife 101 I´d have some. I was heading to Cordoba today on a tour I went to wait for the tour bus it was 25 mins late seems the people from Marbella were late. It was a long ride and I dozed quiet a bit because I did not sleep good at all last night a lot on my mind. He driver suddenly burst out in song at one point and we all joined the chorus aye aye yi yi it was fun wish he did more.
Roman Bridge
When we arrived we could see the Roman bridge before we left the bus and you could see the Mezquita which was the great Mosque and now Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, just seeing it gave me the chills. We walked for our tour however the French group (who were late for the tour) had a guide right away and so did the Spanish but no English guide after waiting while our tour guide made a phone call she said we had to go find the guide. Since we were late she left without us can't say I blame her as it was more than a few minutes. As a result we missed about 30 mins of out tour of the town, this was a major disappointment. We did some some of the Patios that Cordoba is famous for and an explanation how they live upstairs in the summer as it is so hot and downstairs in the winter.  We also saw a statue to Muhammad Ibn Qassoum Ibn Aslam Al-Ghafiqi, simply known as Al-Ghafiq a famous Muslim surgeon.  We finally got back to the Mezquita and it was unbelievable inside I just was awestruck I think this a lot more beautiful than the Alhambra that I had seen in Granada. The colors were amazing and we did the first part and then into what our guide called the sister the Catholic part. I loved it and took a few million photos, however no matter how hard you try you really can not capture it and believe me I tried.
outside the cathedral

Inside the Mezquita

After the tour the guide told us what we missed on the first part of the tour we ran back to see the synagogue I can't say much worth bothering about.
I went and looked in some shops for a few cards to send and saw a tapas place so I decided to have that instead of the sandwich I bought. I had hearts of lettuce in garlic which was ok it was good but nothing to it and some yummy potato's with some kind of sauce and also finally the fried cod fish yum and bread decided to grab a small glass of white wine to finish it off. I sat for awhile and just watched people go buy I love people watching.

Afterward I looked around some more and headed back to the Roman bridge took some photos around and finally managed to get someone to take a photo of me with the bridge in the background he was really into it and was moving me around for the photo he took 2 shots and then walking back towards the bus I could see he was picturing more shots.

All all a wonderful day and Seville tomorrow and checked another off my bucket list.