Monday, June 1, 2015

The Walking Tour that ran away and Wawel Castle Krakow

I wanted to take a walking tour of Krakow. I found a free walking tour that left St Mary's Church, at 11 am. I signed up for the tour and the guide was interesting and I followed along a bit slow because of my leg but I was able to catch up at each spot. However as we reached the Barbican area the guide was explaining that and then headed away and stopped at another spot and then continued on at a quick space I thought I knew where he went but I just could not locate the tour. I kept walking and looking to see where they disappeared, I was very disappointed to say the least.

last place I saw tour group

I decided to head off in the search of Wawel Castle  which is a Gothic Castle built by Casimir III the Great who reigned from 1333 to 1370. It was quite a nice walk to the Castle and I walked up the Hill to the grounds of the Castle. I walked around the grounds and then decide to buy a ticket to go in the Royal Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Stanislaus and Wenceslaus, There were quite a number of steps up to the Cathedral but I just took my time.
Memorial to the Jagiellonian Kings

up to the Castle

Wawel Cathedral

Pope John Paul II Statue

I then discovered because it was Monday most of the buildings were closed, as a result I was unable to visit most of the buildings on the Castle grounds.  I walked around the courtyard of the Renaissance and ran into the man who I had met on the flight over he was waiting for his wife. We discussed how much we loved Krakow and also how inexpensive it was. I asked him to take a photo of me. His wife finally came along and we talked a little bit more.  I decided to go back into the Cathedral because looking at my booklet I realized I had missed some areas. To do this I had to walk into the exit to get back in. I walked down to the Crypt of the National Poets, it was a bit of a challenge getting down there.  The famous Polish Poet Adam Mickiewicz is buried in the Crypt. I climbed part way up the bell tower and then when I came out I discovered a the John Paul II Cathedral Museum I did a quick look around before it closed.

Renaissance Courtyard

 John Paul II Cathedral Museum
chalice in John Paul Museum

Sigismund Chapel Dome
the dome ceiling

Poet Crypt 

Adam Mickiewicz tomb