Sunday, June 7, 2015

Riga walking tour

I had looked into walking tours of Riga and found Tours in Riga and decided to take their Old Riga free tour. I like this kind of tour it is free but you can tip based on how good you think a tour is. I had an awesome tour with Toms he was a very interesting fun guide and ranks near the top of guides I have had. The tour met at 11 am in front of St Peters Church He plenty of interesting stories as we walked around Riga. The highlight of the tour for me was at the end he sang a bit of a song for us in his native language,

Today was one of the days my leg was acting up and on the tour was a woman and her family from Norway the woman was there celebrating her 70th Birthday with her children and she decided part way through the tour that she should hold on to me when we walked to help me with my knee and I admit it was a big help doing that.

House of Blackheads

lady from Norway

Town Musicians of Bremen
There is a sculpture of four animals, a donkey, a dog a cat and a rooster in Riga that is based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm

After the tour ended I decided to set out in search of the Art Noveau section of Riga, that area is covered in another spot on my blog.