Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A journey to the Baltic Sea and Jurmala

Lacplesis Monument Majori

Jurmala was on my list of places to visit because it was close to Riga, and it was on the Baltic Sea. I walked to the train that was a bit of a hike because my leg was really starting to bother me and I was also recovering from a sick tummy the day before.  I managed to find a spot that I was able to take a lift down to the underground cross way. Then I had to walk into the to the "Origo" shopping Mall in order to locate the train station.  I finally found it and then bought a ticket for Majori, because the was the main stop for Jurmala. The next step was attempting to locate the track the train would actually leave from and that was also very confusing. I had looked at the map and it seemed to be the right track.

The train arrived and I decided it was the correct one (even though it was earlier than I was told) however looking at the map the train destination on the front of the train should be the one stopping in Majori I thought hopefully. I got on the train and found a spot and it seemed to be okay. The train was going and stopping at various towns, a woman conductor came to stamp my ticket.  I was worried by now if it was the right train, and she did not know English (which I did not expect her to) I showed her the ticket pointing to the town of Majori printed on it. She took it looked at it started laughing at me and showed the ticket to other people and they were all laughing and staring at me she was rambling on in her language  and pointing to me. I felt really stupid and sure I was on the wrong train. I was lucky because the young man next to me spoke English and assured me I was on the right train. 

We finally arrived and I got off the train no easy task and started to walk into town I noticed a sign saying Boat tour so I decided to go see what it was for. When I arrived a woman came up and asked if I was English and I said no American she laughed and said you'll do. Apparently they needed 10 people to take the tour as they needed 50 euro to make the trip worthwhile and long story short would I go along and pay the higher price I said sure why not. It was an enjoyable trip not very scenic but it was a nice breeze on the boat and talking to the woman and listening made it a nice hour on the river.

view from the boat

I then headed down to the Sea and walked along the sand, snapped photos, spotted some interesting birds. I took my shoes off and walked along the shore in the water for quite the distance. I finally came a spot where people were taking photos and got one of me standing in the Sea.  I started to feel hungry as I had barely eaten breakfast as my tummy was still a bit off. I looked at several places on the beach and one had grilled chicken and french fries and a salad ok, maybe not the best dinner after being sick but I was finally hungry and it smelt so good. I sat outside and enjoyed YUMMY.

wave from the sea

beach walker
floating on the Baltic Sea

I walked back along the beach and past the hotel resorts and over to the area with all little shops and booths set up. I spotted a little toilet area with about 10 cats hanging around. The woman cleaning the place brought out food and fed them and I handed her some euros for food for them.

Bathroom kitties

feed me feed me

Lacplesis, or the bear Slayer, is part man, part bear. Otherwise a kindly figure, Lacplesis goes into action whenever his fellow Latvians are in trouble.

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