Saturday, June 6, 2015

A stroll around Riga

After a Buffet breakfast in the hotel dining room which was located on the 7th floor with amazing views from the windows. I headed out to explore Riga.

I walked across the park to The Nativity of Christ Cathedral Eastern Orthodox I was very impressed by the dome sparkling in the sunlight. I took some photos outside of the Cathedral, I stepped inside the gate to take photos from the side and back but I asked to leave. I guess you are not allowed on the ground. I then read the sign about head covering but the priest?? who asked me to leave indicated I did not need my head covered so I went inside. It was beautiful inside.  There was a baptism going on in one corner and I stayed away from that area. I light a candle and walked around admiring the altars. 

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral of Riga the Cathedral survived both wars but in the 1960's the Soviet authorities closed it and remelted the bells and converted it into a planetarium  Republic House of Knowledge. It also was used as a restaurant before restoration work began in the 90's.

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral

the dome 

at the entrance

the cat
Riga cat house it know for the 2 cat sculptures with raised tails and arched back on the roof. The story is the owner of the house wanted the cats placed with tails turned towards the house of the Great Guild because he has a grudge against its members for not allowing him to join the guild.  After a lengthy court battle the cats were turned around.

cats on 2 towers

I walked down side street off the main square and came across this beautiful little church Virgin of Anguish Roman Catholic Church (our Lady of Sorrows). I went inside looked around offered some prayers lit a candle. The church was first built in 1761 as a wooden church and restored in 1895.

Inside Virgin of Anguish 
Lady of Sorrows (Virgin of Anguish)

Vansu Bridge Daugava river

I was getting hungry and decided to check out a few restaurants I had passed this place called Key to Riga and I was handed a little card;  and since they had an outside eating area I decided it was a good place to have dinner, and enjoy the views and watch the people go by. After looking at the menu I decided on a dish named "Slap from the granny" tenderized and fried pork schnitzel, served with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut, I looked at the card and saw that I could receive a free glass of wine. It was a interesting dish although a bit rich. I enjoyed people going by and some people doing toasts.
Outside Key of Riga

Slap from the granny