Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Kazimierz district of Krakow

Corpus Christi Church
After a nice breakfast I set off to explore other parts of Krakow.  I decided to walk down to the river and and it was just nice to be walking. When I reached the River I noticed dark clouds coming in.  I walked down a set of stairs so that I could walk along the river but then I could see forks of lightening on the other side and decided it was not a good idea to continue.  I walked up some stairs further along as the rain started coming down and managed to find shelter at the entrance of an apartment building as it really got heavy and stood there for about 20 minutes and then it let up enough for me to move on. 
Floating Pig in River 

I decided to set off to the Jewish area of Krakow known as the Karimierz district I saw a tram coming that was headed there and made an attempt to climb on the steps were really high and my legs froze and I was petrified as to how I would get on when suddenly two people on the tram saw me and both ran forward and dragged me on board. I had to get a ticket and I found what  I thought was the box and struggled to put money in. It was not the right place and I did not see any other place to pay my fare.

I got off in the area and started down the street. I could see a church and decided to check it out Corpus Christi Church which was founded by King Casimir the Great in 1335 is an example of Cracow Gothic.

Corpus Christi 

Our Lady of Grace

After visiting the church I walked some more and came across some Synagogues decided to go in one and they said half price admission because the women section was undergoing work what they forgot to tell you was being a female I was only allowed in the women area and not the men but I peered in and took some photos. There was a cemetery outside it and it was sad to see all the monuments to people who died during at the hands of Nazis.
Men only section

Kazimierz Town Hall

After that I felt a bit peckish so I went into a bakery and had a nice cheese danish and a cup of tea and then explored some more.  I could see the towers of a church in the distance and headed towards it. It was the church if St Michael the Archangel at Skalka.   "Skalka" means "a slight rock" in Polish. It was a beautiful baroque church and monastery of Pauline Fathers  The grounds were beautiful I walked up the stairs but you had to get a ticket which was downstairs and after walking down , my knees were beginning to hurt and I knew I had quite a ways to go to just get back to the tram.  I headed back to the trams and this time I was able to find the box to put the money into. I also had to wait a little while longer to get a tram with a handicap symbol so it was easier to get on to the tram.
Church of St Michael the Archangel and St Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr at Skalka
on the grounds of the church

watching the world go by her window