Sunday, June 7, 2015

Art Noveau Riga Latvia

10b  Elizabetes Riga

Riga is one of centers of Art Noveau with more than one third of the buildings of the central district built in the style. Seeing photographs online of the Art Noveau buildings was the main thing that drew me to Riga. My mission today  to visit the  main street Elizabetes, which intersects Brivibas Boulevard also Alberta Street. It turned out to be quite a hike from my hotel to the area.

When I finally arrived at 10b Elizabetes street I actually squealed with delight, honest.  I stood gaping, and taking photos. I continued to  Albert street, stopping looking smiling snapping. Here are some of the photos.

33 Elizabetes Mikhail Eisenstein

Albert Street 13

4 Abert Eisenstein


Albert Street 2 a

I had been wandering for hours and realized just hungry I was; I took a break and had something to eat  I looked at several places but Lidojosa Varde "the Flying Frog" menu looked the most appealing. I sat outside and after trying to make up my mind settled on

yummy dinner