Friday, June 12, 2015

Saying goodbye to Riga was hard

It was my last day in Riga and it was time to say goodbye. This was going to be hard for me to do. I really enjoyed my visit to Riga the people were friendly. I saw so many wonderful places and still missed out on so many. I was sick on the 9th some thing I ate must not have agreed with me a result I stayed in most of the day. I only left too look for something to take for my tummy and also to have a pot of tea later in the day. 

I went down and feeling better I was able to enjoy my last breakfast at the hotel. I looked out the windows again at a city I came to love in a short time.  I had packed the night before so I was able to to out and look around for a few hours. 

dining room at hotel

Looking out the hotel window

I walked to St Peters Church but I did not have enough time to go inside so I just stopped in the doorway for a few moments.  I had the hotel call Baltic taxi and I waited outside for them to arrive they charged me the same price to go back to the airport. I like having a taxi I could trust. I flew back to Toronto via Frankfurt I arrived Toronto late in the evening picked up my car and went to the hotel to spend the night before my drive home.

I'd like to think I could go back again some day perhaps I will.
St Peters

StMary's Dome Cathedral,