Tuesday, October 27, 2015

On the Road Again Madrid here I come

Atocha Station

This is the year I finally visited Madrid, another place on my bucket list. I had a good flight over on Iberian airlines and the caught a train to Atocha Train station, which was in a beautiful building. It was easy to spot my hotel Mediodia across the road I like being close to a train station so that I can just walk to my hotel.  I had to wait a hour or so to check in so I left my luggage and walked around and then I checked in my room and then rested a bit before heading out to explore.

I headed off in search of the Park that was suppose to be close to my hotel  El Parque de Retiro (Retiro Park) I hiked up a hill but it turned out to be some other park, never did find out the named. I walked back down and  I came across the Botanical Gardens (Jardin Botanico) I took advantage of free admission for seniors and went in. It was a good size park and the first thing I came across were dahlias and they were quite beautiful. I snapped some shots and then walked further into the park. However there was nothing else in bloom, due to it being so late in the year.  I just did not have a lot of energy to walk very far especially with no flowers in bloom to spur me on.  The conservatory was closed I sat on a bench and rested and then saw the biggest black cat imaginable I actually first thought it was sort dog. I did a double take and yes it was a cat.

beautiful dahlias
such color


size of this cat 

I headed towards the Prada Museum, which was close by but it was getting late in the day and I was exhausted so I decided to head off in search of something to eat. I was not very hungry so settled for a snack at a restaurant close to my hotel. I ordered some chicken wings and also some french fries with pieces of ham (I soon discovered all forms of ham with very popular in Spain) with cheese. It was all so cheap cost me 4 euro.
tasted pretty good esp for 2 euros

Inside the Atocha train station it was quite tropical

Ministry of Agriculture Building