Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hanging with the bears at the Madrid Zoo

It was a gloomy morning but I decided to head to the Madrid Zoo, because it was not suppose to rain.  I did not have any breakfast thinking there'd be places there. I hoped the Metro and made my way there after someone showed me how to use the machine to get a ticket. I was a bit hungry and looked for a place to eat and all there was this small cafe? I went in and there really was no choice of food I had a churo and a coffee, the coffee was served in a glass with plenty of hot milk and coffee it was yummy.  I passed a little store that had sandwiches abut I did not feel like carrying one and I was sure there would be places to eat at the zoo.

It was still a bit of a hike to the zoo but thank goodness they had signs pointing the way and I finally found it. I purchased my ticket and headed off in search of the Pandas which is the main reason I went to the zoo.  I found them and there was one sleeping inside the glass and I watched for awhile. There was a couple from Vancouver and they were interested in the panda especially the guy who was thrilled to finally see one. I walked to see if any were outside and saw there would be a presentation later. 
nap time

silly panda
I headed off for the Koala and lets just say the signs were very confusing and I was walking around in circles in an effort to find them. I did finally found them and it was dark in their room and the koala was fast asleep. I decided to go back to the pandas who now were outside eating and I enjoyed seeing them and the couple were back too. The zoo keeper came to give his talk but of course it was in Spanish which I do not know despite my trips to Spain thus far have been in Spain 4 times.

You can tell i loved seeing this

I was hungry and it was well into the afternoon and each place that I came across with that would have food was closed and then I saw a sign and it seemed that day was the first of the winter season and nothing was open.  I was walking and getting tired the zoo was large and I finally just gave up trying to find any thing else I was plain exhausted as I did not sleep well the night before because there were people walking around on the stairs slamming doors. I suddenly came across what at first appeared to be a mirage as there were these huge bears just sitting there in the distance and it took me a moment to realize. I walked over and they were of course across a pit and someone was throwing food at them and they were raising their paws and it looked like they were waving. I had such fun snapping photos, and just plain enjoying. I came across the aquarium  and they had jelly fish they were quite fascinating to look at.
jelly fish

I headed out of the zoo and started to walk partly the wrong way and thank goodness I asked someone the way to the metro before I had gone to far.  I had dinner at a Turkish restaurant that I had spotted near my hotel  yummy lamb shish kabob.

check the behind in the background
panda trick or treat

what a life

Guess what he just did and is smelling his finger