Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Visiting churches and a Polish Folk Show

Basilica of the Virgin Mary
headed back to Krakow Old Town to visit some of the churches and also to get a ticket to go to a Polish Folk Show in the evening. 

The Basilica of the Virgin Mary (Kosciol Mariacki) is located in the Grand Square in Old Town and is the most famous of Krakow Churches. After the Tartar raids in the 13th century the original church was left in ruins and the church was rebuilt Gothic style and consecrated in 1832. There were tours available and the lines were long and since I was not up to standing in line I decided to skip.  By going in to pray I was able to walk inside the door and sit and look around some and snap some photos.  I was only able to view a small area close because I was not part of a tour. I do not think I was suppose to but .....never stopped me before. 

inside St Mary

fountain outside


I walked for awhile and came across Church of the Holy Trinity, the Dominican church and I went into explore. The  I came across a very interesting room, not sure just what is was because the signs were in Polish but it had a very colorful display and then I decided to head back to my room to rest up before the Polish Folk show  rest up before the Polish Folk show that evening and took my time and went down some different streets on the way back to my hotel.

Church of the Holy Trinity

colorful display

  I later went to Jama Michalika to have dinner and watch the show. I was early so I had a seat right by the "stage".  The dinner was okay actually not much food, and did not include even a glass of water. The show however was very good and I enjoyed the dancing and singing even though it was in Polish. I was asked to dance but declined with my bad knee. It was a good performance at one point they had a group of people come up from the audience and participate in a dance and it was fun to watch. I wish I could have joined in. Once it finished and I headed back to my room and got an ice cream as I was a bit hungry. 

Never found out what this colorful building was

I loved this girls smile she made the show