Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bucket list time Krakow

I had an early morning flight 7.25 am from Liverpool, so I was up early and had some breakfast I was staying Inn right across from the airport while I was waiting I talked to a couple who were going over for 5 days. I arrived in Krakow and went to  the tourist desk at the airport and I was able to book a shuttle to my hotel.  I had to wait a bit and just rested while I waited it was a quick drive less than 30 mins. 

I checked into my hotel Old Time Hotel and had to wait a short time so left my luggage and went walking around close to the hotel.  I checked in and after a bit of a rest I headed out to explore. I walked and found The Collegiate Church of St. Florian and went inside and it was beautiful.
The Collegiate Church of St Florian

On July 15, 1910 the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Grundwald Krakow unveiled what was originally named the King Jagiello Monument, but became known as Grundwald Monument 

I then headed towards Old Town enjoying places along the way I passed the Grunwald Monument which was quite interesting to say the least took photos from every angle and just plain enjoyed.  As I approached the entrance to the Old Town I came across the Barbican which is Krawkow Main City gate which is Brama Floriaska. 

The Circular marvel of military architecture surrounds space 24.4 meter in diameter. The walls are three meters think, it has seven turrets and 130 loopholes in four rows the lower for artillery and the upper for archers and riflemen
Brama Floriaska

St Florian Gate

I then continued my walk into the Old Town or as it is known in Polish Stare Miasto. The entire medieval old town is among the first sites chosen for the UNESCO's original  World Heritage List and I could certainly understand why. As I continued down to the Main Market Square past the shops, restaurants and the money exchange place I can not recall seeing so many Kantor as the signs read; each offering a different exchange rate.  As I entered the Market Square I was quite impressed at the square as it was huge and it is one of the biggest squares in Europe.  I spent a number of hours here taking everything in and knowing I would spend a good deal of time exploring.  I finally headed back to my hotel which was about a 30 min walk, if my knee was not so bad I am sure I would have made the walk faster.
Horse drawn carriage

Bubbles in the Square
My first view of St Mary's