Friday, April 7, 2017

Tripping to the fountain and Spanish Steps

at the Spanish Steps

Final full day in Rome and I had a lot to see, I went for my morning breakfast and I tried a different pastry, I no longer said coffee as he knew what I wanted. I sat in my usual chair and enjoyed my little breki. I then headed out to see as much as Rome as possible and I had several places in mind that I was determined to find today.

I was wandering in the general direction of what I wanted to see  and came across these characters,  I gave them some change and snapped a few shots. I then asked someone where the Spanish Steps were. I was fairly close so it did not take me too long to get there. It was neat to see but it was also very crowded too so it made it a bit hard to get photographs. Then I climbed to the top stopped along the way took photos and also just sat and enjoyed the spot. 

interesting characters

Trinità dei Monti

I then set off for the Trevi Fountain it was a must of my bucket list. It was not too far away but I was actually surprised when I came across it because it was just suddenly there beside me, I had come in to a side view. I could see it was quite packed but I still was able to enjoy it. I decided to take a break and found an ice cream shop and went in and had the best gelato of the trip so far was it good for you? I was back at the fountain taking more photos and also just sitting relaxing and people watching. 

My first view of Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain

San Marcello Al Corso

I was back on the road again and I was starting to get tired and hungry and decided to start walking back towards my B and B. I was wandering various streets when some thing caught my eye in the distance I could see huge statues so I headed in that direction. I stopped across a huge street and snapped some photos in the distance I decided I had to cross the street and get closer. It was quite a challenge and I had to cross various streets to get in front of it.  I snapped some photos and also sat and rested. I was trying to figure out what this place was because I had never heard of it. I found out later is was the National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II. I then slowly walked back I was in the mood for good meal and I knew just the place for a nice pita and then back to my room.

Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II
National Monument to Victor Emmanuel II

The Colosseum in the distanc