Monday, April 10, 2017

A visit to Siena and it's beautiful Cathedral

Hopped an early train to Siena one of the places I really wanted to visit. I was very surprised when I arrived in Siena and walked to the cathedral to see a huge group standing outside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Asssunta. There were various officials and police and they raised a flag, I never was able to find out just what it was about.  The Cathedral was closed until the ceremony was completed. Walking inside the Cathedral I was truly amazed. The floor has been described by the most beautiful largest and most magnificent that was ever made. There are 56 panels and took between 14th and 18th centuries to be completed with the exception of one they were created by Siena's  leading artist, Domenico Beccafumi

I since found out that they are not always open for viewing and are covered up most of he year so I feel lucky to have seen them. The Cathedral was begun in the 12th century it was completed in 1380. Originally the plan was for a massive basilica, the largest in the world but they did not have enough funds due to war and plague. 


raising the flag

top of the Cathedral 

Pope Heads 

amazing floors of the cathedral

After visiting the amazing Cathedral I headed up hill, (Siena is an uphill place) and stopped at the Palazzo Pubbico. There was a fountain that birds were landing on Fonte Gaia  which was by Jacopo delia Quercia built 1336. I walked around for awhile and found the home of Catherine of Siena so I went in and visited I was taking a photo but was told I was not allowed to.  I could see another cathedral not too far away but by this time I was just too tired to walk to it and decided it was time to head back to Florence. 

The Fonte Gaia In Piazza del Campo

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