Saturday, April 22, 2017

The amazing Sagrada Família

One of the main things on my list was a visit to Sagrada Famila designed by Gaudi. I was doing Barcelona hop and off bus and they stopped there. I got off and was simply amazed by the Basilica and I just stood looking at in amazement started looking around and taking photos. I was approached by a tour guide who was selling tickets and he told me he had one single ticket left. I had already checked and it was sold out on line and the only chance was one of the local guides who sold tickets and decided then and there to go for it. I had to follow him to a place and bought the ticket the only bad thing was a wait of almost 2 hours for the tour to begin. The place was utterly amazing and I am so glad that I got to visit. Also noticed that some of the modern pieces reminded me of Star Wars.

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