Sunday, October 16, 2016

Goodbye to Malta and then Hello to England

My final morning in Malta I just walked the streets in Sliema and spent some time walking along the water and saying goodbye.  I passed one shop and a guy came out and attempted t see me some face cream to sooth my wrinkles. It was quite a fun conversation for me as he raved on young I looked and the special concealer would make me look even younger. I went into the shop and he put a bit by one of my eyes and showed me the results. Then he attempted to sell me some. He started at 500 euros and in the end gave he would even commission in order to sell it to me for 50 euro as he wanted to help me. Hahahaha as I said goodbye.  I was awaiting my shuttle at the hotel and was getting nervous and the man at the desk called and they said they were on their way. We started out on the way to the airport but realized we were going through Valletta where we got stuck several times behind horse and cart and it was making me very nervous that we would not get there in time but of course we did.

Loving England so much I decided to stop there after Malta and spend a couple of days I arrived in the evening and went to my hotel and checked in.  I had decided to visit my cousin and hubby in Shrewsbury so I set off the first thing in the morning. This visit was just for the day they picked me up at the station and the first laugh was they brought the bigger car for my suitcase and they were wondering where it was. I said well I am just here for the day so I did not bring it, we had a laugh over that. It was just nice spending most of the day with them and we made a quick dash to Wales since they are only a couple miles from the boarder.   A lovely lunch with a bit of wine and just catching up on our lives, and my adventure it was a short but good visit.

Love me some sheep

Welcome to Wales

The next morning I was staying near Euston Station and St Pancras Church.  I have always seen this church since my first trip to England 45 years ago. I saw that it was open and decided to go in and there was a mass on and I stayed.  It was an Anglican church very similar to a Catholic mass except it was a woman on the altar. Afterwards I talked to a woman there and was most impressed with everything about the church I had some tea and cookies and then bought some home made Rose hip jam to take home.  Then I hopped the tube for a visit to my fave park in the world St James Park.  It was time to hop the tube to meet my cousin and his girlfriend and go to a pub for a Sunday roast, it was yummy and then we went to Alexander Palace a new place for me in London and nicknamed the Ally Pally.

St Pancras Church

a very famous Palace

Here they coming marching down the street

The famous Pelicans of St James Park


Alexander Palace

View of London from Ally Pally

Lovely Lamb Roast

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