Thursday, October 13, 2016

A visit to Marsaxlokk and Rabat Malta

I took a bus to Marsalokk today a pretty little fishing village, that my friend Laurie recommended.  I arrived early and it was a bit gloomy but it was not too crowded Hop Off and On tour buses showed up dropping people off but most of them continued on after a bit. I strolled along the water and the sun started coming out. The parish Church of Our Lady of Pompei was open so I went in and looked around then I went outside and saw a sign The Crying Room and led me to another entrance and I entered and sat and looked and admired the work. The church was established when fishermen started to build houses near the sea coast to save time on travelling. 

Parish church of Our Lady of Pompei

Nor sure what this was about

Bronze Statue of fisherman and young boy 

Rabat was right next Mdina where I had been a few days before because I had gotten off the bus at the first stop I did not realize it was the next stop so I missed seeing the town  and Laurie had also told me about this place so I decided to go back and visit. I found an old cemetery and then walked the winding streets to the St Agnes Crypt I bought a ticket and the woman told me go and knock at the entrance and they will let you in but they did not I had to wait till they came back but then the guide said no tour till later. I said she sold me a ticket so after some discussion the guide took me on a tour of my own. It was a bit hard to walk around as the ceilings were so low and lot of climbing that I somehow managed with my legs. The Parish Church of St Paul looked good on the outside and I attempted to go in and saw some people inside and a man motioned for me to go to the other side I did but could not find any entrance.  I started to feel hungry  and went in search of a place I saw earlier that had a Maltese Platter and decided I wanted to try something that was local I wandering around I finally found it again the PL Bar and Restaurant. There was not a lot of food to the platter but it was interesting especially with a glass of wine.

Parish Church of St Paul

entrance to St Cataid Catacomb

my Maltese Platter with a glass of wine