Friday, October 7, 2016

Not quite what I planned a day in Loutsa Greece

My last morning in Croatia it was raining and so instead of taking a walk near my hotel I stayed in my room and checked out when I had to and then I walked to the bus station and I was lucky as the rain by then was just a few drops. I got on the bus and then back to the airport for my destination of Athens. I had one night to spend before I took the plane to Malta. I had planned on staying at a hotel in Port Rafina and have a day by the water, I booked a hotel Avra Rafina it seemed a really nice hotel. Well that was the plan but about a week  before I was to leave on this adventure I realize I did not have a print out for the hotel and I went to the my computer found the booking link in my history and when I clicked on it I got a shock, the hotel reservation said cancelled. I began to check all over the internet for the hotel and then I finally found an email for the hotel imagine my shock when I received a reply the hotel was gone out of business. Yes they did and it was sudden and I was so shocked I was not informed but attached was a email explaining. Now I was about to head over in a few days and I rushed to find some place else to stay.  The places in Port Rafina all had bad reviews so I started looking for places nearby and also not far from the airport. I finally found an airbn that offered free airport transportation. I booked this place.

They did pick me up at the airport as promised and then I was taken to my room it was a cute little place and I had a bathroom kitchen and bedroom. It was however remote and down a road and I was quite leary of spending the night there on my own. I made the reservation to go back to the airport the next evening and despite the booking saying free transportation and the woman actually saying it I was told there would be a small fee of 15 euro and of course I had no choice but to pay it.  I survived the night but when I went to open my suitcase which was on the floor near the door to outside it was full of tiny ants that had got in crackers I had sealed and put away. I was freaking, most were on the bag so I threw that out and took everything out and shook them.

saw several of these tiny shrines on my walk

I then decided to walk to the beach which was suppose to be about 5 mins away but was more like 15 minutes. There was a cute little church so I went inside. Then I set off in search of taverna that were suppose to be 15 minutes away but they were close to 30 mins. I walked along the water and finally got to town. I was in a supermarket and decided to get something sold at the hot deli picked what I thought was a piece of beef on a roll and imagine my shock as I sat on a bench by the water to have it and it was liver I tried to eat it but after a few bites nope. I was lucky I was near several eating places and found something else.  I then walked into town looking around saw ice cream but was informed that was not sold this time of year.

It was a bit of a walk back to the place I was staying and I finished packing and awaited my pickup for the airport. The flight over was good and I arrived in Malta in the evening and then I went to the desk to book a shuttle to my hotel I was lucky in that there was one leaving in a few minutes and there was only one other person. It was about 30 min drive to my hotel. I was happy to see it was a nice hotel.