Saturday, October 8, 2016

Valletta Malta

Valletta as seen from Sliema

I had a good breakfast at my hotel lots to choose from. I handed in my keys so they could move my luggage to my new room.  My hotel was a perfect location right on the Strand, I knew I made the right choice.  I was right across from Valletta and I had to walk about 15 minutes to reach the ferry to Valletta. I got a ticket and hopped on board it and took off in minutes. The trip from Sliema was short about 10 mins and I was busy snapping photos as we crossed. I had been advised by my friend Laurie who had been there in March that there was a shuttle van that would take me up to near the center of town for one euro and save me the long up hill walk, thanks Laurie.  

Monument commemorating the Great Seige of Malta 1565

some of the many statues on the corner of a buildings

St Francis Assisi Church

interesting heads around the statue


I still had a bit of a walk into town uphill but at least the worse part was a ride. I was early but it was already getting crowded but then it dawned on me if was a Saturday so maybe not the best day to visit.  I came across St Francis Assisi Church and had a look around.  I continued on the main street where lots of shops were towards the end I crossed a bridge and then I found a beautiful fountain The Triton Fountain  the water was not running and I since discovered it was being restored. It was just outside the gate of Valletta and a short walk further on a pretty little place Maglio Gardens it was really starting to get hot and I had to sit a few minutes but that sun beating down walked trying to find a tree to sit under to no avail so I crossed the street and walked under some trees towards  St Publius church it was beautiful to look at but sadly it was closed so I could not look inside.  

Maligo Gardens

Maligo Gardens

Independence Monument 

The Triton Fountain 

St Publius Church in Floriana, Malta

atop St Publius 

on the door

I then headed back towards the bridge to Valletta passing the Independence monument. The uphill climb to the Upper Barrakka Gardens was worth it for the views of Valletta and the Mediterranean Sea. I walked slowly down and I was starting to get  a bit hungry and being Saturday  a lot of little cafes were set up outside. I saw one with a menu that I liked but it was packed outside, I finally found the actual place was around the corner walked in and it was hot in there, the poor waitress had to walk back and forth between there and tables outside.  I continued to walk headed down hill, and I mean downhill to a little church that I saw in the distance I was looking with my zoom lens (which was becoming very handy and could see a woman try to get in so realized it was not open and went no further. 

Antonio Scirtino's Les Gavroches depicting three Parisian street urchins

I started in search of something to eat and down one area I finally found a place Moo's Kebab I walked in ordered and sat at a table outside where I managed to knock my coke over such a mess, but got napkins and cleaned it up. I continued up and down some streets and came across Our Lady of Mt Carmel I went inside and looked around. When I came out I decided it was time to head back to the ferry but I had to wander some streets and I just could not recall. Luckily I met a couple traveling with the woman's mother so I followed them and finally found the ferry, I had to wait a bit but finally one came.  I then arrived back in Sliema and headed to my hotel. I was then given the key to a new room and also told for my inconvenience I could either have a taxi ride to the airport or a meal at another hotel. Since I had already a shuttle booked I choose the dinner. I then went up to my room and I was totally shocked by the size of my room. I also had a balcony with an amazing view of Valletta and I sat outside on my balcony a bit to enjoy. GOT TO LOVE IT!

The typical facades of Valletta

view from my balcony