Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mdina the Silent City

St Paul's Cathedral 
Set off to see Mdnia after a good breakfast at my hotel today the cook who was putting more food out insisted on putting some on my plate, so I wound up having 2 fried eggs and the bacon which is the kind of of like the bacon in England only better.  Again my hotel perfect location for the bus stop. I love staying in places that are right in the center of things I am not in to spending forever trying just to get to a bus stop or a ferry.  I walked down about 15 mins to the bus for Mdina which was the 202 bus, it the ride almost an hour  and I was so lucky I was getting on at the first stop because if I had stayed a bit further out I would not have made the bus and since they run only once an hour. By the 2nd stop the bus was full and after that the bus driver had to tell people they could not get on the bus. Since the next bus would be an hour later I felt bad for the people.

I got off at the stop for Mdnia and walked across the street there was a horse and buggy area and I walked past that  towards the bridge and into the gate of Mdina.  Mdina is an ancient city it is over 4,000 years old.  Apostle St Paul is said to have lived here after being shipwrecked on the islands. In medieval times is was known as Citta Notabile the noble city, and at one time was part of the Roman City of Melita. During the 1500s the Knights of Malta arrive but after the Great Siege of Malta 1565 the moved Malta's capital which is now know as Vittoriosa. I wandered up and down the streets enjoying the beauty and also peacefulness only interrupted when a horse and buggy came through. I visited St Pauls Cathedral which was beautiful inside and also the museum across from it. I loved the little alleyways and I came across the Carmelite Priory which with its gorgeous ceilings. 
I was looking for Rabat another town that my friend Laurie told me to visit but I could not find it (that would be another day) I eventually hopped on the bus back to Valletta I got off and wandered the streets there for awhile it was not as crowded as it was on Saturday.

gate of Mdina

Inside the Cathedral

Cathedral Museum

Ceiling of the Carmelite Priory

I strolled around before heading back to the Main bus Terminus to catch a bus back to Sliema the first bus was full so hopped on another bus as quite a few different ones go to Sliema as we passed several locations on the route back I made notes of the areas I wanted to see another day. There is are several bus passes in Malta that one can buy and use to get around the Island. I purchased one in Sliema and used it quite often One fare includes transfers I believe you could do 4 during a two hour period however I was getting more rides than I thought I would and I could not keep track of what I was using I was getting 4 even if I was traveling around more than 2 hours so I wondered if perhaps each new stop allowed 2 hours.

Carmelite Priory Museum

local council Mdina