Sunday, October 9, 2016

the Azure Window and the Blue Lagoon

Azure Window

I had decided to take the bus and go to Rabat and Mdina after waiting at the bus stop awhile I found the schedule and I had missed  the bus and still had to wait almost an hours wait.  I walked just across the road to the water  and  I saw that Luzzu cruise to Gozo with Azure Window and Comino  and the Blue Lagoon were leaving in 20 mins, I had talked to a woman selling tickets the day before and this seemed the best boat to go with  so got a ticket (35 euro) and hopped aboard.  I had a little time and decided to go on top which was beautiful views when we took off but it was very sunny and getting too hot for me decided to go sit below, and look out the window. Open bar was available but being morning had a coke. It was a 90 minute trip and there was commentary along the way.  When we arrived in Gozo we were put in groups and then boarded a small van and the driver told us his name was Vincent.  Our first stop was  Victoria and we had about 45 mins it was a cute town and because it was Sunday mass was on, so I only peeked in the door. I explored the rest of the area before heading to where the van would pick us up and we would continue on to Dwejra Bay and the Amazing Azure window.


St George's Basilica

Victoria formerly Rabat

We then headed to the Azure window in Dwejra Bay as our guide Vincent pointed out spots on the way and as we got closer he told us we were very lucky in that we would be able to go out on a small boat through the rocks and through the window the weather was calm today and had not been calm the past 3 days. He took us to where fishermen were waiting with their boats and you could take the short ride of about 15 mins for 4 euro. I was in the second boat and off we went through the caves.  It was amazing as I tried to take some video but with my small Sony camera photos with my Nikon but also just relax and enjoy and somehow managed to do all three. It was a short but wonderful tour I gave the boatman 5 euro and motioned no change if had some more in hand would have given more. Now as I get off I can see the Azure window and I realize I am running out of time to view that. I ran up the hill the van had came down and looked at where I had to go and wow it was a very rocky area I had to cover to make it over to the window and I had about 20 mins to do it. I sized up the area and see if there was an easy way but there really was not any so I started to run anyone know my knees and how the one does not bend would be amazed to see me flying over because that is what I felt as I leap over the rocks I felt angels were pulling me over the rocks and I thought of my 2 friends who died a year apart and I know they are my guardian angels from other experiences so I am sure I was "flying" with them.  I somehow made it in time to snap some shots to have someone take a photo of me to enjoy the view and also run back to where the bus all the while leaping and not falling. As they say where there is a will there is away (and a couple angels to help me.) As we boarded the van I noticed a group of scuba divers and when I saw the instructor I thought hmm maybe it is time to learn.

our fishing guide tour boat

The Azure Window

unreal colors

amazing colors

The rocky terrain I "flew" over

A little background on the Azure window is made of Maltese limestone known as Globigerina  the arch is 92 feet high. The arch is disintegrating because large pieces of rock have begun to fall. It is believed it will completely disintegrate in a few years. In 2012 a large piece of was dislocated making the window larger. *I just saw an update that from January 7 that a huge piece has broken away from storms. I am so happy that I decided to visit Gozo now and feel blessed I saw it.

After the whirlwind tour we were dropped back at the ferry port in Cirkewwa our guide told us being a Sunday and he was turning 70 it might be nice to tip him and he could get a glass of wine. We had a few moments before we hopped, the ferry to Comino and a visit to the Blue Lagoon it was a short trip and we arrived and walked up a crazy stair case and just amazed at the view and all the people in such a tiny spot I walked carefully around the rocks and snapping away. It was so hot and once again a chance for an ice cream and it was just an amazing swirl of chocolate and vanilla. We had about an hour before we boarded the boat again and visited some caves on our way back to Valletta since it was now afternoon I decided to have a glass of wine.

Blue Lagoon

crazy stairs

unexpected in the rocks

Through the caves

Blue Lagoon

Azure window up close

Church of Our Lady of Lourdes & Ghajnsielem Parish Chutch
Ta Pinu Sanctuary Charb Gonzo

scuba diving instructor

Yours truly at the Blue Lagoon

face on the rocks