Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vittoriosa one of the Three Cities of Malta

statue celebrating the 1565 victory

Next up was  a bus to Vittoriosa (Birgu) one of the Three Cities in Malta which is given to the three fortified cities of Birgue, Senglea and Cospicua. The oldest city is Birgu which has been in existence since the Middle Ages, it was the capital city of Malta between 1530 to 1571. I was dropped off in the center of town and went to explore. The first place I visited was the Parish Church  museum the guide was very interesting character and it was obvious he enjoyed telling his stories, it was free but a donation is welcome and I was also given a map of the city.  I wandered down a street towards a St Lawrence Church, when the Knights arrived n the island they the Church of St Lawrence into their Conventual church where they displayed the deeply venerated icon of the Holy Virgin Mary of Philermos.

on a wall

St Lawrence Church

Just love the balconys 

Shrine on a wall

The Freedom Monument

Maritime Museum Clock Tower

I rambled up and down streets found a small market but nothing of interest to me. Then I came across a gorgeous cat sitting in the sun. I looked closer and then saw there were more cats, a woman came out of a house to feed them and then walked a bit away and was followed by the gorgeous orange cat and she put food down in another place and he ate. Some other women came out and I talked to them awhile, they were telling me some things to see in Malta.  Then I walked along the harbor for a bit and then a cat started following me I was wishing I had some food for him walked into a little shop hoping to find something. He finally walked away and I headed back to catch the bus towards Sliema I had seen several places I wanted to visit on the way back.  I first stopped in Paola a pretty area with a beautiful church and then I looked for a place to eat.  I tried a Tuna Ftria a local dish with olives onions garlic tuna on a huge piece of  bread and it was quite yummy, I got it at a bakery and then found a place that was part of an outdoor eating place so I bought a pepsi and sat and enjoyed.  I got back on another bus and headed to the next spot I wanted to visit in Pieta. I had seen a pretty church from the bus and there was a small lake in front of it the church was the Msida Parish Church, which is dedicated to St Joseph.  I decided to sit on a bench and just enjoy the view across the water and then I saw some sort of memorial and decided to check that out. 

St Lawrence at Vittoriosa Square

Parish Church of Christ the King Paola Malta

views from the Harbor

kitty that followed me

Msida Parish Church