Monday, April 9, 2018

Some of my London adventures

Light rain so umbrella in hand I took the tube to St Pauls and then I walked around trying to find the Roman Ruins. In the 1950's the Roman Temple of Mithras the largest and most important temple in Roman London; it was found during construction work. It it is now open to the public with free tours. I did not realize you needed a ticket in advance despite being free admittance but I was so lucky as the woman took pity on me and let me without one.

M and M Store

I made a visit to my fave bridge Tower Bridge all these years and I am still fascinated with it. I decided to walk across it this time as it was a beautiful day. A great walk, I wound up walking some more but decided I was too exhausted to walk all the way back to my hotel, I had got a bit lost so was further than I wanted to walk and decided to take the under ground back.

view from the other side of the Bridge


impromptu concert

I walked around for awhile and found Petticoat lane the rain had let up for awhile I bought a t shirt for a pound just because the guy selling had a very strong Cockney accent. I then headed to find Spitfields and Brick Lane. Somehow my memory actually worked and I remembered where it was. I had a sausage it was so good and a can of pepsi it was raining lightly so I found a spot to stand under a bit of cover, I was getting organized my bag and then saw a pepsi in bag? Realized I took one from the vendor I returned it. Found a band playing they were quite young and quite good and name of band was Bandits on Run I watched them for about an hour bought their CD they were from Brooklyn.


My final day I woke up to rain and decided to make walk to the British museum and visited the China, Korean, Egypt. Afterwards headed to Hounslow West and checked into my B and B which was really cute. I walked to the shops in Hounslow east and Center got some goodies to take home and had dinner in a Chinese buffet really good. After a yummy breakfast I went to the tube station and tried to find the lift they had but apparently it's hidden away and for people in Wheelchairs. I was talking to a man working at the station and he took pity on me and carried my suitcase to the track, he thought it wasn't heavy.

yummy breki

Skylark B and B backyard

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