Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Széchenyi Thermal Bath whirling around

Apparently my hotel was invaded by Red Hat Society who were yelling in German, I have enjoyed peaceful breakfast but this morning my eyes were assaulted by red which I have always found to be a violent color ugh. I do not know why they were so loud other than the were trying to attract attention to themselves to show red hat ladies have fun. I had picked out a table and put down my coffee and water then I went to get my breakfast. I came back to three people at my table had been raided and I got looks like what are you doing here and since there were no open tables, and I had been there first I sat down, and ignored them which was not easy to do. Then another one came to visit and proceeded to lean on my half of the table.

I had a totally awesome experience, visiting one of the  Thermal baths in Budapest was high on my list, today was my last full day in Budapest  I decided to visit Széchenyi Thermal Bath (pronounced Say-Chain-Eee) it is the largest medicinal bath in Europe I had bought a ticket at my hotel and headed out. a special line for if you already had a ticket  so I was able to get in quickly and was give a bracelet and a room to change in and keep belongings. The changing room was small with a bench it was opened with a little device on the bracelet so it was secure I had been worried about that so I did not bring a camera.   I then headed out to try one of the outdoor pools first. The first pool I went in had a whirlpool bath in the middle and it was lots of fun flying around when the jets were running and pushing you in circles. You just "flew" around and you had to be careful not to be pushed out the opening, I was surprised at the number of people with their phones in the bath only one appeared to have a good covering, people just wanted to record the fun. I was able to sit with on the water wit h my legs stretched I was laughing so hard. The water was amazing on my knees, and my left one that was swollen when I arrived had calmed down, after awhile I headed in doors and checked out some of the hot tubs some had warnings on the heat so I did not go in those.  I did try a few but decided to go back outside it was pretty cold about  55 F and it was even sprinkling rain at times but I just would not leave the pool for hours besides the fun I was having flying around it also felt amazing.  I finally left because the rain was getting heavier. I took the metro back to the hotel as the rain was getting heavier. 

I had a nice dinner at a Vietnamese Restaurant I ordered a grilled duck but it was cooked a bit too much for my liking. I had almost ordered a duck soup and I saw someone had it as I was leaving and it looked huge

Cricket outside the Bath

Széchenyi Thermal Bath

Photo from Bath website shows the whirlpool

Fisherman's Bastion 


Statue Attila Jozsef 

Imre Nagy Hungarian Freedom Fighter
Shakespeare 500 Anniversary

Chain Bridge