Sunday, April 24, 2016

Hopping around Budapest

It was a gloomy day as I headed off to take the bus again for day 2 of my pass. I had to repeat some of the route from yesterday to get to where I wanted to. When I arrived at the bus line change spot I had 25 mins wait for the bus. I saw a money exchange across the street ran over exchanged money.  I then crossed the street reached for my bus pass and realized it was missing I looked all through the pouch and it was no where to be found. I went back to the money exchange to see if it was there. I looked all around the bus stop nothing I was not able to get back on the bus without it. I started walking trying to decide what to do and I saw a bench and sat on it said a prayer and opened the pouch again and looked and it was in there in the corner wrapped in a ball, I pulled it out and it was like it had been stepped on and then wrapped up. I was so happy I had it again and headed back to the bus stop by that time I had missed that bus and had to wait again.

St Anne Church

Geller Spa

Gallert monument

Buda Castle

Little Princess Statue

I decided to return to the Buda side of the river to explore a bit further the first stop I got off was near Buda Castle I got off and looked around there was a Funicular up to the Castle but the line was long and since it was gloomy did not think worth the time I hopped on the next bus continued on the next stop looked more interesting and it was across from the Parliament which meant more pictures of course and I looked in a church. I had lost time with the ticket and felt tired and decided to go back to the Pest side and explore the Danube Promenade. I walked for awhile I ran across a man who way playing YMCA on his saxophone that was different and I gave him some change. I started back towards St Stephen's Basilica and found Listz Ferenc Square there were booths set up selling food and  I decided to try some Hungarian goulash with chicken it looked good I ordered some and I could not believe how little they gave me and they charged a lot. After that I made it to St Stephen and being a Sunday a service had ended and I was able to go in. St Stephen King of Hungary he became a Christian and forcibly converting the so-called Black Hungarians after their failed rebellion he was anointed King of Hungry in 1000. There were quite a few steps to the Basilica and as I have been doing going down I try and walk down holding to railings and walk sideways, there was no railing so I went sideways slow this woman came down the stairs saw me and put her arm out for me to lean on.  I was exhausted and decided to go back to the hotel and relax and read. 

St Stephens Basilica

Holy right hand of St Stephen